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Just wondering if you all put every pain down to Fibro?


Hi, I have been diagnosed with Fibro for about 6 years now. The thing is every single pain I have I put down to Fibro. I have had a bad shoulder for about 3 weeks and haven't bothered to go to the Dr as he tends to put everything down to Fibro as well. Any comments/suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks x

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I think we all tend to put our pains down to fibro, but as a rule

I think you can tell if its fibro or not, by the way we feel or though

saying that some times I get pain and feel Ok but the pain still feels

like a fibro pain.

When you touch your shoulder cant you feel where the pain is coming

from that may help I can always feel a place that it comes from or the

lumps that occur. maybe you have a frozen shoulder and that is very


Sorry thats not much help realy is it

Catsrule in reply to Hidden

Do you know, it could well be. I will go to the Dr just to check it out as now I think about it it is not a normal Fibro pain. Glad I asked the question now, thank you :)


please be careful not to do that I had severe pain within my shoulder area under the collar bone and exhaustion with breathlessness and put it doen to fibro it wasonly when i was turning ash grey that i allowedsomeone to call an ambulance still feeling embarrassed i kept telling them i wasfine but it turned outi had P Ea clot on the lung. andan enlarged heart with a faulty valve. lolso please be carefull if you are not sure dont be scared tosay hey this doesnt feel right. i felt like such a dumb asslol. hope its not not frozen shoulder owwweeee. butterfly hugs petal

Catsrule in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your comment and I hope that you have recovered from this now, fairy hugs x

Hidden in reply to Catsrule

nope my heart is failing......so i am trying to give love out while i can ..butterfly hugz. petal


I usually can tell so far if the pain is normal for me. Usually i am in agony when i get up and itake my tablets and the pain eases, but if it doesnt i usually get worried and take it easy and if it hasnt eased with painkillers by day 3 then i would make an appointment.

Its a hard one isnt it as we are in constant pain.

hugs, kel xxxx

Hi catsrule,if the area is warm to the touch or looks red,then it`s inflamation.

Fibro is not an infamatory problem.Also if it is new to you and you have had it 3 weeks I would get it checked out.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxxx

For years i'd been saying I dont get colds or bugs my daughter brought home from school but a few years back I started to notice a pattern and its taken me those last few years to recognise that I have to watch what is happening to others, if I'm really out of it for a week or two then not so bad the next day then I have had a cold or some bug but just not getting the other symptoms like sneezing, been in general pain is normal and hot or cold can be FM too, I figure that sneezing and bunged up nose is the immune system working (or not so well for me) not the cold and with IBS even tummy bugs can go unnoticed. So although not quite the same, yes other ailments can be hidden or disguised with FM and only in time if you learn to focus more on your bodys signals can we learn the difference. Hope this helps xx :-)

I have a spine problem as well as the fibro so I'm always confused whether the pain is the fibro or my back but my specialist told me that whatever is causing the pain the fibro will exagerate it and make it a lot worse so its a bit of both but you should have it checked anyway


This has been my gripe for ages so paid £210 on Wednesday to see a Neuro Cons who agreed with me and is getting me an MRI scan on the NHS. Pain I am experiencing is unbelieveable these days and making me feel life is not worth living. Its only my family I dont want to hurt.

no as i suffer with deppression and type 2 diabetes and they have same sort of simptoms so i never no what to put them down to

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