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Jaw, tooth and mouth ache!!!

Morning all, I hope you're all feeling happy to see the sun!

Since the commencement of my FM 2yrs ago, I have been plagued with numerous infections etc.... however this is a new one on me. The contents of my mouth have been agony since Saturday. By that I mean my, teeth feel really sensitive, my gums the same and my jaw ( bones in general). I know it's not related to a specific area as it was contained to the left side and yesterday moved to the right!! Has anybody else suffered with this?? I would be grateful for a reply from anyone who has or does as I'm feeling pretty low about it now. My FM symptoms are difficult enough without this relentless pain!!

P.s. Paracetamol and tramadol every four hours!!

Thanks for reading, Kxx

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I am not a medical practitioner but it sounds very much like Tempero Mandibular Jaw Disorder, which many of us here suffer from. It does tend to go hand in hand with fibro and other autoimmune/rheumatic conditions.

It can be very painful and all you can do really is to sit it out. If you google, there will be some good ideas to alleviate the pain, the most effective for me is a warm hot water bottle, soft food and painkillers.

You should tell your dentist as sometimes this is caused by clenching your jaw through stress or teeth grinding at night and if this is the case they can make up a mouth guard.

Be careful too of yawning too hard or eating very chewy foods, really it will be trial and error of working out your triggers.

Hope your pain is easing and my post has been of some help.


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Thanks for the reply Bluebell,

Your post makes a lot of sense to me, I actually thought maybe I could be clenching my jaw when am asleep!!

If it's like any of the other knock on effects of Fibro, it will come, monopolise my life for a short period of time then go as quickly as it came!!

I remember as a little girl, falling asleep against the bathroom radiator just trying to ease the pain. Now I'm a little older, I think I'll opt for the good old water bottle.

Thanks again, x


Yes I suffer as well and have done even before I was diagnosed with fibro. Dentist initially had put it down to stress, I was looking after two terminally ill people and grinding my teeth at night but even when stressful period ended the pain didn't. Had a wisdom tooth out and even a year afterwards when I had to have the other one removed I was still in pain. The dental specialist was even kind enough to do an Xray of the area just in case any bone fragments ahd been left in but all was clear. She said unfortunately some people suffered with this and they rarely could get to the bottom of the cause and it was just one of those things and if it got bad to ask my doctor for painkillers. As I was already on a smartie packet I stuck it out as long as I could.

My doctor did precribe me a Difflam rinse which does help numb the gum somewhat and does seem to help the overall pain levels a bit. I find it seems to come in waves always there slightly but then for some unknown reason decides to have a big flare. This doesn't seem to actually coincide with more fibro pain so it always leaves me puzzled.

Hope that yours eases soon as it is not a pleasant experience. We have enough to contend without this,x


Thanks Rosewine,

I recently had a wisdom tooth out (6mths ago) and the dentist left part of the tooth in, I won't go into the gory details but it hurt more than the original extraction. Blinkin horrible!! Just had a feeling that this was going to be down to Fibro, which as you said, got an assortment of pain killers for. Oh well, not going to let it get me down, had worse pain, tho it doesn't feel like it at the mo.

Thanks again, Karen x


Hi Karen

I had that with a badly diseased tooth and as you say it was worse than when I originally had it out. Hope everything clears up soon.x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that this sorts itself out really soon for you. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



yes, I do! In fact, suffering at the moment - often leads to a migraine.

Drives me mad sometimes - well most of the time actually



I'm sorry to say ladies but I'm glad I'm not alone!!

I've managed to escape migraines, phew! so I know it could be worse.

Thanks for the replies xx


Yes I have to I have lost all my back upper teeth, dentist said all the bone has wore away. I am waiting to see a specialist about it, will let you know if it is related to fm xxx


So sorry to hear that Tra70, I'm a regular at my dentist and fortunately at my last x-ray, my bones were fine. I hope you get the answers you need when you see your specialist and please keep me posted. Karen xx


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