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Can all this be Fibro Bad Memory Hair loss pain sore skin and mouth painful joiints


I have been diagnosed as having fibro and osteoarthritis also signs of healed inflammatory arthritis in my spine.

I feel awful at the moment. My arms started to peel in the summer which I thought was sunburn but its no better and patches of my chest and arms look like white scales also my hear on head & eyebrows is coming out I am 58.

Now I have very sore and itchy arms, which the thin top layer of skin peels offa long with the hair on my arms the new skin is also dry and looks like a red rash in a v shape. my eyes itch and look as if I've been crying and I have lots of migraines . My mouth is burning and gets very dry, my joints are hurting. My right hand is the worse one and the joints especially on the right hand little finger which is very big and looks. I also have fatigue and get so tired. My GP is good and she has sent me to the rheumatology and scans several times and I feel it must be in my imagination, I don't want to have to go back as I only went lst Monday and I seem to be going every couple of weeks!

Thank you for listening and sorry to moan on so much!

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Moan away petal, we all do. Sometimes we just have to let it out. Have you seen your GP about the peeling skin,rash, etc? I would say to pop back. Sometimes it takes a lot of appointments to get it all sorted.

Gentle hugs



Thank you, I've made an appointment, but its not until next week, as I wanted to see my own doctor and she only works part-time, but she is very sympathetic and knows my history. I always hate having to go over thing again and forget something, when I see a different person.


Hi woodbon

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issues.

I would really be tempted to go back as it does not sound like you are receiving the right treatment to make you better and improve your quality of life. Lupus can be detected by a simple blood test so it may be worth discussing this with your GP. Many of the symptoms that you have mentioned sound like Lupus, but I am not a doctor! I have pasted the website link for NHS Lupus below:

If your skin is peeling so badly then I would go the your local walk-in centre and let them have a look as you do not know what it is and why it is happening?

I have also pasted the FibroAction link here for you as you may find it useful:

Good luck with this and please keep us all up to date with how you are getting on.

Take care



Hi thank you so much for the numbers and care. I find my arms seem to go in a cycle, its strange and slightly frightening. When it started in the summer, I just though it was the sun, although I am always careful as I'm quite fair, but then the winter came and nothing changed. I am also having a bit of a flare with my arthritis, with swelling and pain walking. It may be though, that I've not walked enough lately as I haven't wanted to have trouble getting back! But I'll just take each day as it comes, some days are much better. I'll have a look at the sites you recommend. Thanks for caring, Sue


Hi, I think the thing thats worrying me most at the moment is my memory. Today, I decided to go out and got ready and then as I got in the car, I knew I had to go and get something but when I got to the top of the stairs, I just couldn't remember what it was. I looked around trying to gain some sort of insight into what I needed but the harder I tried the worse my memory seemed to become. So I went of without it.

All day today I've been walking around in a thick cloud, not quite connected to the world. I think I must be going mad or somesthing. My husband says I am trying to think of too many things at once, but it seems more than that.And I'm so tired all the time I just want to sleep.and my feet are hurting

I am so sorry I shouldn't moan on like this. I could be a lot worse. Sue


Hi your not moaning your talking to friends xx

Lol i always have a fog head i was in boots the other with my friend picking up my tablets when the lady asked for my address i had to think really hard then i gave her an address i lived in about 18yrs ago, my friend was about to say where i live and i had to tell not to, i wanted to cry and i could feel my heart pumping for england then it came to me....

When i talk to my partner and cant remember words he'll laugh and tell me to spit it out, I have to laugh now because everything is always in a safe place but i never remember where that place is...

Keep laughing

Sunshine hugs to you xxx


At least you can still laugh, that is a tonic in itself. I have those safe places maybe if you find yours you can tell me where mine are :) today I was writing my shopping list, my hubby told me not to forget the sugar so I put it on my list... All good you say..went shopping with my daughter, list in hand came to Susan on the list asked my daughter why I had put my name on the list. After she was finished laughing at me we went on shopping, 2aisles I saw sugar knew I needed it. So now I can't write a shopping list, but can at least remember my name :p my hubby is still laughing at this one on me ever growing list!! Gotta laugh. All the best to you from me, Sugar (I mean Susan) :)


hi, I am always forgetting where I put things, and forgetting words I'll be talking to someone and a simple word goes out of my mind, so I end up trying to describe it. Most of the time I laugh, but sometimes it feels like the end of the world.

As for shopping, I go out for something and forget what it is and come back with other things, well thats my excuse! Nail Varnish is more interesting that toothpaste! I do try and see the funny side, but when I'm trying to find something and wasting time and energy looking for my reading glasses or book or the coffee jar, which is usually in the same place! Writing things down helps me, even if I don't look at my list as. somehow the act of writing seems to help the thing I need stick in my brain! As you may be able to tell, I feel a bit better now after a couple of hours doze and painkillers. Thank you for the replies, it does help to know I'm not loosing my mind and others know how it feels.

Love Sue xxx


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