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Pain management clinic

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I am planning to push for a referral to a pain management clinic. Can any of you share your experiences of this type of clinic? I've had a horrible few days after being on my feet all day at an exhibition for work last week. My employers were great and took a chair especially for me but it was busy and I needed to help my colleague. Just wondered if it was worth it.

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Yes it is worth it.

Those who have been promote the success felt after the pain clinics

I was refered to ours and although I have not managed the course they run because of the time and distance involved for me to attend.

The Leading anethatist who looks at trying to relief chronic pain through epidural injection os steroids straight to the damaged section of vertebrae. It was a brilliant success and gave me relief for the first time in years.

So do go take advantage of all that is offered.


sounds good!!


Hi Tuscany

I am in total agreement with gins, I think it would be a very good idea for you to push for a referral !

I did a course in Exeter and got a lot of good advice for management and exercise, sadly like gins I didn't do the entire course as I was finding that the drive of half an hour there and then back tended to undo much of the good I had achieved, but it gave me tools to use at home. Ours was run by a team of three, a rheumy, a psychologist and a physioterapist and had very good input from all three. I think also had it been a course in the summer I may have managed better, but it is an ongoing 12 week scheme and I can always dip back in if I need to, the team are very good indeed.

I do hope you manage to get your referral Tuscany and that it helps you a lot.

I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way 😊😊

Foggy x


I honestly think it is worth a go. They do seem to vary from place to place. All mine offered me was electro acupuncture, nothing else but I have heard marvellous things of other Pain Clinics in other areas.

We do have the Expert Patient Programme that people can go on to deal with illness in general but of course the people would have a mixture of illnesses so it would be pot luck if there was someone else on it who had fibro. My friend could go on one specifically for COPD so you might find there was something in your area just for fibro. I think sometimes just being able to talk to other people coping with a long term illness like on this wonderful site helps you to not feel so alone.

The Pain Clinic might look at you in a more holistic way than your GP like the one Foggy attended and could offer treatments that are a bit more "outside the box".

Good luck with whatever you decide.x


I am sure the PM Grp I go to here in US is different than yours in UK but I was started first on steroid shots (in hosp., under anesthetic) at the spinal site, because of degenerated discs, then advanced to an implanted tens type battery/wires, oral daily morphine (because of allergies to other meds ...) for pain, Fibromyalgia, and migraines. Our medical insurances require certain steps to be followed in patient's treatment ... Also I can't have surgical correction because too many (9) bad spine discs. Bottom line, I'm totally satisfied with my pain management clinic doc/couldn't function as well as I do w/out treatment I've rec'd ... GP/Internist could not handle.


I cannot recommend my experience more, and wish you well, Tuscany ...


Thank you everyone for your great advice and support. Will pursue it for sure xx


I know what you mean about doing too much one day, only problem I have is that if I sit in a chair I find it difficult to get up, obviously I do but it can be quite painful, do other people suffer this way when they sit down for more than 5 mins!!! My legs are quite sore at the moment too and last night I felt quite nauseous, I just feel like new symptoms are popping up all the time now. I do work full time and do sit in a chair all day looking at my computer, but it must be at the right level as I don't suffer too much while I am here, thankfully, just stiff and painful legs when I get up but once I get moving it eases, sorry to waffle on, but things come in to my head while I am writing!!


Hi Tuscany :)

I found a trip to my local pain clinic to be fruitful as the consultant referred me to a pain management program which was fantastic at teaching me how to cope with the daily life of Chronic Pain. It was a group program which spanned 12 months and took a holistic approach to dealing and managing pain meaning it involved a Pain psychologist, nurse and specialist physio. I don't know if your local pain clinic runs such a program but possibly have something similar if you get the chance to ask.

The consultants also look at your medications to see if they can help that way too so pushing for a referral is a good idea :)

If you think your pain meds aren't working for you anymore there's a FAQ: My current medication doesn't seem to be working, what treatments are recommended for Fibro? which may provide you with some useful information, here's the direct link to that post

It gives information about all types of medications and treatments that we can consider.

However, I must state the importance of discussing these with your GP/consultants first before starting anything new so they can check for possible clashes etc with your current treatments and medications.

I wish you wellness and hope you get the referral please let us know how you get on.

Fibro fighting fluffies and smiles on route to you :)

{{{{{{ Tuscany }}}}}}

xxx sian :)


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