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Pain management - hopes dashed!!

Hi all,

Just to let you know my progress ( or not as it seems). I went to pain management clinic the other week, hoping for a miracle but sadly it wasn't ment to be :( I was told they couldnt help me other than to offer me cognitive therapy or counselling....whatever!!

Has anyone else been to these and did they find them helpful?

However I have put in a claim for PIP, which has been reffered to Atos but I have to wait about 3 - 4 months for an appointment. So fingers crossed on that one!!

Hope everyone is as well as can be,

Joanne xx

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Yes I did and yes, I found it very helpful. Give it a go, would be my advice. I didn't think it would help, I was very sceptical but it has helped. I still have pain, but I deal with it better.

Good luck with the PIP.




I went to pain clinic very helpful first appointment on second one said nothing more we can do up do you get on with it so no is my answer came out feeling very hurt


Hi glassback

I think any form of counselling is worth a try, as we are conditioned to withhold certain aspects of how we feel due to social conditioning. We feel that we cannot say or do certain things as it will hurt or upset the people that we love, and this is probably true. However, in a safe and confidential environment we can learn a pattern of behaviour that will give us the ability to express ourselves without hurt or upset to our loved ones. So I would recommend giving it a try.

Good luck with your PIP claim, I hope that you are successful.

Ken x


I agree with jilly and Ken that cognitive bevaioural therapy is very helpful for many of us. I went to therapy years ago - before fibro dx - and it taught me to see things more clearly and deal with the rality of it, acceptance I call it; and developing more positive thinking.

It even helped my self-esteem, as I stopped accepting peoples' judgments of me, and more importantly my self-judgment, which can be harsh as who can live up to society's/parent's/etc. expectations - which we tend to make our own.

GIve it a try and don't fall into that judgment trap about the CBT. You have a support group here and group therapy provides you with yet another, plus immediate feedback. I hope it helps you. My best wishes.


Thanks for all your replies. I will give it a go, like most of you said, its worth a try.

Most days I just try to forget about it and get on with things as best I can. Then other days I'm really down wishing I could be like I was before all my problems started. But I guess thats what everyone on here wishes for too..amongst winning the lottery of course :)

Thanks again & best wishes to everyone xx


Wow, that stinks!!! I live in the states and was put on med's right away. I pray you find some relief, as it's so sad to think people have to suffer when there are medicines out there to help. So sorry sweetheart!!! xxxx Mitzi


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