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Pain Management Clinic - Your Experiences

I've received an appointment through to a pain management clinic, which is a few weeks away. Usually, any help I can get would be welcome, but I'm increasingly anxious and stressed out about the ridiculous amount of time I am having to take off work for appointments currently.

My daughter is also poorly, and so i'm having to attend many appointments with her and in the same week of the Pain Management appointment, I have 3 other appointments, all requiring at least 2 hours off work - I can't keep expecting to take so much time off work, it's not fair on my boss or my clients and I need to know what the value of a pain management appointment is, in order to work out if this is the appointment I should drop or simply reschedule and wait longer for.

I have no idea what a pain management clinic is, or of the benefits, so I have no idea what I would potentially get out of the appointment.

Honestly, I am very cynical and if using a TENS machine, meditation or distraction, gentle regular exercise, eating healthily and getting enough sleep etc are offered as a way of managing my pain I will feel cross, as these are obvious things i'm already doing.

Can anyone help shed any more light on what I can expect from a pain management clinic please?

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You are either sent to a hospital, where they can offer different procedures, such as pain killing injections or surgery, or you are sent to more of a "clinic," under primary care, either offering medication, which your G.P. can prescribe, guided meditation, pain management sessions, or complimentary therapies. It depends on your symptoms and history. Personally, I was attending the clinic and went through most of their therapies, but after three years of referral, I came away with a better knowledge, but nothing has helped my symptoms. They are keen for you to ween yourself off the stronger drugs and rely on basic pain medications, such as paracetamol, which for me, is useless in managing my pain levels. I tried most drugs, patches, etc..


Thank you missy x


Hi Shelleywelly,

I was very sceptical about the Pain Clinic before I went.

I cannot speak highly enough of it. They changed my tablet mixture, gave me a full MOT including bloods, MRI and consultations.

Some of the best appointments I have had. I think it would be very worthwhile, but like all things you have to go in with an open mind, or the attitude, you will try anything and everything.............even including the tens machine!! Which they offered me, I was very dubious as my daughter had been offered one for pain in her hip and hated it. But as I had said I would try anything, I gave it a go, it really works on my back, no where else, but even distraction from my back pain is good.

I hope my answer helps you and apologies for rambling on!!

Good Luck and hope it the pain clinic is beneficial for you.

Gentle hugs x


Good point about keeping an open mind and I'm sure a positive attitude will help. Glad to hear it was so useful for you, so I feel better now that it's not a waste of time. I love my Tens machine btw and am glad I made the investment but when my pains move around so much and are in small joints it's not as useful :)



I attended the Pain clinic. My initial appointments led to me being put on the Fibromyalgia Pain management course. Best thing that ever happened to me. I still have Fibro, I still have pain but I have improved how I cope with it.




Hi ShellyWelly

I can see that you have been given some really good advice and recommendations for pain management. So I will just wish you all the best of luck with your appointment, and I genuinely hope that you find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Thank you Ken. Fingers crossed! :)



I was fortunate to have been signed off from work while attending the pain management clinic. It involved about a dozen appointments lasting an hour which I agree with you that a lot of you already know but there was a lot of information that helped me to understand what fibromyalgia actually means both physically and mentally. Can you be referred to Occupational Health by your work or a self referral as I found they were very helpful and arranged different appointments. Sorry to hear your daughter is also unwell and I hope you both feel better soon. Take care xx


hi ef59 - what is Occupational Health? Forgive my ignorance, but I ran my own small business for many years after leaving uni so I am not used to working for anyone else, and I currently work in a very small 5 person creative agency. We don't have the resources or departments that larger businesses probably have. Would this usually be a department within an orgnaisatoin or is it something provided by the government or NHS?


Sweetheart sorry you are so stressed. Pain management helps you cope with the pain when all you are doing isn't cutting it any longer. I fought the pain monster for many years and finally had to seek pain management to help me live at a bearable pain level. Hope this helps answer your question, and hope you and your daughter feels better so soon!!! xxx Mitzi


My experience was very good, it was run by a Physio who went onto treat me. I think it is educational and effective if run well. I did go to one which wasn't as good so I think its better when run by a medical professional.

That said, the most effective help I got was by learning the Alexander Technique. It was truly transformational. Depending on where you're based I can send you details of my teacher.


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