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Pain Clinic Nightmare

So. Once again my GP referred me to the pain clinic for my neck painOnce agagain, they did touch me, told me they are wanting to do trigger point injections. I argued that this is not muscle but cervical in my neck (3 car accidents /whiplash and I was diagnosed 12 years ago with spondylosis.) I haven't had an xray since 2006 and the pain has gotten to the point that the merest vibration /jiggle (ie washing machine spinning) puts me into a flare.

Pain clinic doctor was disinterested. Told me I'm not going to get an mri and that if there was a problem I would be weak (obviously she missed me coming in on my walking sticks and shaking due to pain and weakness). I argued that they want t so this steroid inject without actually knowing (or wanting to know!) what the issue is. But apparently that doesn't matter!

The pain in my neck has gotten to the point that the 20 mins drive to the hospital on Monday had left me in a flare due to the vibration in the car. A wheelchair is out due to the same issue HHell, walking hurts my neck!

So I sent a letter to y GP expressing all of the above and asking for some help as the pain clinic is not the solution!

Getting the steroid injection on Monday. This will be interesting when they ask me where it hurts and I show then the bony hump on my neck /back. Very frustrating! j

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It's just exasperating!


Hi Alikat,

It must be very upsetting for you, but I think you have done exactly the right thing by sending a letter to your GP. They will take you more seriously after receiving your complaint in writing.

It does seem to me that an Xray wouldn't be too much to ask, as you haven't had one for seven years, or at least a very good explanation as to why not, but of course an MRI scan would be better.

Hospitals are so concentrated on saving cash that they seem to be reserving MRI scans for cases of acute trauma, or surgical emergencies.

I do have a lot of sympathy for hospital staff who are doing their best with much reduced resources - it must be enough to make them want to give up medicine, being aware that they're not always giving the help and treatment that they would wish to..

I hope you make some progress soon - let us know what happens after your doc hears from you.

Best Wishes

Moffy x


Good luck with the injection I hope it brings some release ! xgins


I hear you re budget cuts... Very difficult indeed...


This is exactly what I have trigger point injections .. My muscles spasm to the point That i am in I exactly the same pain as you it wrecks your life and feels like strapped nerve in your neck . If you touch the side of my neck at the base it feels like an electric shock .. It's the muscles compacting the nerve I have had x rays and I do have arthritis in my neck but its the muscle spasms that make the pain. They give me the injections and within hours the muscles have relaxed .., pain gone ahhhhhh . My injections are now a month late due to back log and I have all thee symptoms you describe ,,, I can't wait for my next lot of injections ... In fact I,ll swap with you they are that good for me..... I usually have them every three months and after that its awful.....

I really hope yours work as good as mine do

VG x


Interesting! Hopefully they will make a difference for me, too. I'msstill concerned it's not muscle (well muscle that is reacting in spasms to the real issue) and am upset that they refuse to actually find out what's going on. On the base of my neck where it hurts thr most, the bone protrudes and is very painful... Hope you get your injections soon! A. X



See if you can get an MRI as when I had my problems with my neck they were giving me traction X-Rays and all sorts until the MRI, they then said go very careful as my spinal cord was bend squashed by my vertebrae and I ended up with three operations on the neck.

But I think it is back as I am having the symptoms again, still nearly ten years is not bad, I wish I could say pain free but am having real problems where the tissue has not joined up at the back and I only have a thin layer of skin over the vertebrae. Still could be worse.

Take care and kindest regards



Please let us know if they make a difference ... Now you know mine do... If yours don't maybe that will give you some back up to ask for further investigation

Fingers crossed

VG x


It may be worth talking to your GP about a different referral. A Pain Management Clinic is usually just that - you would probably need to see an Orthapedic Consultant for assessment of neck damage and referrals for scans.


I paid privately for an MRI being referred through my Osteopath. It was about 5 years ago now and was £250. I know you shouldn't have to pay but if it saves heartache and you go get the treatment you need it might be worth it?


I would in a heartbeat... Just don't have the money to do this unfortunatel...


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