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Anyone with experience of pain management clinic?

Hello all.

I went to my GP again this morning. He has now agreed to refer me to a pain management clinic - and says I can have my choice between Oxford and Reading. Does anyone have any good / bad / indifferent experiences of these two centres, to help me choose?

Also, general information of advice about getting the best help available from such a clinic?

No idea how long I will have to wait for an appointment, but I might as well start looking forward to it now :-)

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Hi ya

My exsperience was good,I know different areas work differently but mine was a long chat with friendly consultant,she asked me loads of questions about my pain and feelings,we also talked about depression,then we discussed variouse things that might help with my pain and general well being,we decided on a 6 week support group with a couple other people which was great meeting other fibro suffers,however I did feel that the things that the physio and psychologist talked about I really new already,I also had 6 week hydrotherapy which didn't help me but everyone is different,I was also booked in to cognitive behaviour therapy,that would be discussing my past and trying to change the way I think of things,sadly I chickened out of this but I can still go and see them if I want to.

I have been off work again with exscruitiating pain in my shoulders,I had an X-ray last week and that's all clear,so I talked to my Dr about having acupuncture,it works for some so I want to give it a try,the Dr said he has to refer me back to the PM clinic to discuss this.

So there you have it,sorry if iv gone on a bit,but I do hope it has given you a bit of an idea as to what happens.

I would say give it a go,you have nothing to lose,there are plenty of things that are available to you that might help your pain and general wellbeing.



My pain management clinic offers two options 1st if it is suitabke trigger point injections which I have and they help

2ndly they offer physio CBT etc I have an appointment with that part of the pain clinic end of this month so will let you know what it's like if they can help me or just leave me to the injections... Unfortunately I am nowhere near the two clinics you mention

VG x


I had my first pain clinic appointment last week.Not knowing what to expect I went with an open mind but,as always, hoping for the miricle cure. The doctor I saw was very understanding and seemed to br knowledgeable of fibro, I was able to give my explinations for the condition without being made to feel that I didn't know what I was talking about. Luckily for me the doctor was like myself in that he didn't think that filling people with drugs was always the best course of action. I have to wait until May for my next app when I will be seeing a physio who sepcialises in fibro to look at alternative therapies including CBT. Finally I hope to be able to move forward in a success way with my fibro. Long road to travel but I wish you well with your appointment x


My pain management team consisted of a councillor and a nurse. The upshot was i could not attent their course that started two bus rides away at 9am so the didn't want to know. They gave me letter to take to GP that just said a list of meds I could try and wrote to the gp to say I was uncoperative. Hmm as I explained by the time I got there two hours after setting out I would be half dead and unable to join in their activities. All in all a waste of everyones time.

Hope your team turns out to be good one.



I have been with the pain clinic in Norwich for almost two years. They don't just deal with fibromyalgia people, they deal with anyone with a painful condition, there is so much overlap in learning how to cope with a life-changing condition. But it's interesting hearing how other people cope.

I saw a consultant initially, then their occupational therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, nurse practitioners and assistant psychologists. I have attended courses on pacing and pain management/fatigue management, pilates and last year I completed an eight-week course of Mindfulness CBT. All have been so very useful, but Mindfulness has been invaluable for both my mental and psychological well-being (It has helped me deal with depression). They have made recommendations to my GP regarding appropriate medications, which has been important, too.

My advice is to go with the one that is easiest for you to get to, as you may need to make a number of regular trips at times, especially if they do group sessions.

Hope this helps!


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