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Pain clinic appointment?

Hi everyone I woke this morning to find my appointment for the pain clinic had come through:). Things are happening so quickly for me, even though my doctor gave me this diagnosis I am still finding it very difficult to get her to give me a pain killer that actually works for me.

I can have co-codamol or co-drydamol, both of which cause me to have terrible problems with my stomach. Her solution to this is senna???

Does anyone else have this problem with their GP? I wanted to know what to expect at the pain clinic can they change my medicine? Any advice on what will happen at the pain clinic would be really helpful.


Mrs Bear x.l

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Of course I should also mention I also take 75mg of amitriptyline every night this helps keep the spasms and cramps at bay to a certain extent but doesn't do anything for my pain that I feel during the day on a daily basis.


Hi, I have been under the pain team team for over 1 1/2 years. The first time I went I seen the pain nurse, and she reviewed my meds, asked how I felt etc, and she said to go back to the GP, and ask for MSD and change from zapain to tramadol. I got an emergency appointment that afternoon and seen the GP, told him what she said and he gave me prescription. I then had acupuncture under the team, and when I felt that some meds were no longer effective, I could ring the team and either speak to my pain consultant or a nurse, and they would tell me what they were changing, fax my surgery straight away, and I was able to have a prescription straight away.

Also when I mentioned any new pains when having acupuncture, the nurse would email my consultant when I was there, informing him of changes.

Hopefully your team at the pain clinic will be just as good.

Good Luck X


Ha ha! Sorry to laugh but I have just had a most long-winded rant on a different forum in which these symptoms crossover.

I went through all the options with the pain doc and after discussing things decided the potential for serious side effects was too great. So that left me with yoga, jacuzzi, moist heat, which I am already doing, or out of pocket expense therapies like massage and accupunture, both of which I would love to get. But now it is being suggested by my doctor that I try gabapentin which I have read has serious commoin side effects. Oh well, if it wants to be thought that we all react to the same drugs in the same way. So be it. I'll try it, and hope it helps rather than hurts, or like some of you, does zilch.

Might go back and ask to try Tramadol at night to supplement the Vicodin. If we don't push push push and advocate like the proverbial squeaky wheel, it's hard to get through their booby brains.

They should all go back to Med 101 and learn how to listen and learn from their patients, not to mention trust and try to really get into our shoes for a walk now and then. I get so angry, I want to start writing letters and making phone calls, and going over their heads. It has worked for me before, but I have to be careful to keep my composure or I lose my integrity in their eyes.

Aargh, just listen to me; I mean don't!

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Hi clarehart, just wanted to say that i have masage and reflexology at the local college for a very reduced priice, both help with pain and sleep. Dont know if you have that option where you are.


Hi Shazzy, I used to get acupuncture at a verrry reasonable price about 17 miles from home at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. That is a very good point you make. Also, there is a school of massage about 20 miles away in a neighborhood called University Hills (which you can imagine if you are at all intellectual is a stimulating environment - I lived there for about one and a half years. My favorite part of San Diego) where there is a good holistic health school. And, having been a holistic health preactitioner myself, have close friends near home that will do a massage and/or reflexology, hot stones, yumm, or whatever, at a deep discount for all those I gave them . . . back when I still could; groan, just the thought.

Two people hhugged me tight, once yesterday and once this morning. Each time I yelped and scared them. What's wrong, did I hurt you? Well, yes, but how would you know tah my shoulder girdle and neck are spasming?

Next week when I see my GP I am going to ask (beg if I need to, but he's cool about referrals) and ask for upper body and arm PT. I'm already going for lower body, my knees, hips, and so on. My right shoulder and hip are lower than the left side and I have a torn medial meniscus left knee and pain from compensating on the right side. I also have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and general weaknees in my triceps, etc. LOL, what a mess we are, right? They will be giving me some deep tissue, though I will have to tell them to do that sparingly, given my FM. So if I get the upper body as well, I could potentially get close to a full body massge for free!

So, thanks for the tip.


You are welcome, i trained as a massage therapist many years ago, unfortunately that was 500 miles away from where i live now so i go to nearest college for all available treatments. Good luck,


Hi mrsbear85

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? That is really good news that you are getting some help very quickly as many members have to wait quite a long time depending on which area they live in?

As with other consultancy departments, the pain clinic will / can make recommendations on medications which your GP will follow up on. There is such a wide choice of treatments that it may be advantageous to keep your options open and discuss it thoroughly with your pain management specialist?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


My pain clinic is great! My NP really listens to ME. I went so many years with doctors that either didn't understand what I was dealing with, or they didn't believe that Fibromyalgia is real. Luckily, pain specialists are a Fibromite's best advocate! My advice is be honest and tell them what works.

When I first started going there, they required that I try several injection therapies, but none of them were helpful for more than a day or two... And the pain was worse afterward... So now I am simply on Percocet as needed (I've done all the other meds and had severe side effects). But you need to be willing to try whatever they recommend ... But if a procedure scares you, or if you are hesitant, be sure to let them know how you feel as well as WHY you are hesitant or scared ... Most will work with you and won't force you to do anything you are not comfortable with (if you have good/reasonable fears).


Hi, apparently any of strong Pain killers like yours, need you to have something to control possible constipation/tummy cramps, Senna didnt work for me, i am on laxido from GP, If you got IBS i would try buscopan for ibs sufferers, hope this helps

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Thank you so much to everyone I appreciate all your advice and of course the warm hugs....I started a pain diary yesterday and filled in the questionnaire so roll on January fingers crossed they will get my meds sorted and I can start to move forward with things.

I must admit I am still trying to come to terms with my diagnosis it is all very daunting!!

Thanks everyone for your support x


Hi, mrsbear85 , I have been through the same , the meds that my GP gave me helped my pain & leg twitching at night except they also made my stomach ache . When I told her she put me on OMEPRAZOLE. This has truly stopped my pains after eating. I only have 1 in the morning before food. I would ask your GP about putting you on OMEPRAZOLE.

I have had low back pain for 12 yrs & my Gp diagnosed me with FM about 6 yrs . I tried amatriptaline first , wow ! I was like a zombie so my GP put me on GABAPENTINE , the dose got higher & higher over time & so has my weight, I have put on 4 st .Going from a size 12 to an 18 over 4 yrs has made me a bit depressed.

A friend told me about PREGABALIN. It has helped in a way but not the weight. Also on DULOXITINE & MST& ORAMORPH. I rattle at times lol !

Now I've been told I have Osteoarthitis. My knee ,wrists & fingers get so sore . I cry with the pain & frustration with all that this illness thows at me. Then I think of all the people that are worse than me.

I have attended a pain clinic for 8 weeks. I learned a lot from the Pain Physio . Over the weeks I learned how to cope & live with this horrible illness, just do your best every day but pace yourself . Try to keep doing some exercises daily & walk as far as you are able to walk without discomfort.

Good luck with the pain clinic & your Gp on your meds. Sending Fibro (((hugs))) xxx Love Julie Wilson, Scotland.


Forgot to mention, when you say that you have problems with your stomach, do you mean pains or constipation? I am currently on Gabapentin, MSD, Zapain, Diaz, amitriptline and oramorph as a PRN.

You should note I am under referral to the rheumotologist for fibro (note:- must update my other post!!) so do not have a diagnosis! However all my meds and treatment plan would be the same I've been told.

Anyway back to the tummy problems. If it is constipation (which all strong pain killers cause), I found that Senna had absolutely no effect, Dulcolax (please excuse the spelling I can't remember how to spell it), and not only did they not work they gave me horrendous tummy pain. I have found the only thing to work is Lactulose. I'm in Wales so I can get that on prescription, but if I have not asked for it, and need it on a weekend, I can buy it over the counter at the pharmacist for around £2.90 for a large bottle.

Sorry if this wasn't the answer were looking for and I'm way off track!!

Take Care X


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