Dissapointing blood results

I have just got my blood results back after seeing my Endo on 24 February. They are as follows:-

TSH 0.35 (0.35-4.7 mU/L)

free T4 7.4 (7.8-21 pmol/L)

free T3 3.3 (3.8-6.00 pmol/L)

I was taking 100 T4 and 20 T3 Originally was on only 50mcgs T4 and Endo upped to 75mcgs but I did not feel good so I upped it to my original 100mcgs. The dropped the 30T3 to 20T3.

I wanted these tests doing as I intended to start my NDT the next day which I have Nature Throid. I am now up to 2 grains. Early days, but I hope I will feel better. I have not told the Endo as I am seeing him in 5 months, at which point I will tell him especially if I fare better with it.

What I cannot understand is that my GP wrote Tests organised by Dr <<<<<<< Look ok to me and signed it. On the free T4 page it says Warning and also on the T3 page Warning. Go figure???????

I just feel I am getting nowhere. I am having a second ultra scan next week (I requested it), to see if that can enlighten me. I am still getting the air hunger and sometimes pain in left side of breast. All checks done for breasts and Smear both clear.

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  • Its odd that both your tsh and your t4 is low. Are you also with the thyroid UK society on this website? Its probably worth posting your results on their too as there are some very knowledgeable people there. Do you know the source of your thyroid problems? For example is it autoimmune thyroiditis or is there a problem with your pituitary? Here's a good website that tells you about possible causes of thyroid problems endocrineweb.com/conditions...

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Hello CarlyS123 I have never been told what it is. Last time on the paper the Endo wrote I was Hyper instead of Hypo. I have now started on Nature Throid as I feel I have never done well for 20 years on T4 and the T3 did not help either. I am going for another ultra scan on Wednesday. I am feeling very let down. On two grains now, and really don't know what to do anymore. I have aches and pains and all sorts going on. I am self medicating Vit D with a good advised supplement (not the blue dye ones my doctor gave me), taking sublingual B12 and patches as low and doctors won't entertain, and magnesium. I research daily and pray I will get better soon.....

  • It is normal for TSH to be suppressed when on t3, for me t4 was enough to do it, but you can still have low free's and low TSH, when not on enough meds. If she was on no meds and had numbers like this, i would think she had a pituitary problem, for sure.

  • Hi marmaris

    I am so sorry to read of the abnormalities in your blood tests, and as CarlyS123 says, it may be worth posting these on Thyroid UK just to see what they think? It never ceases to amaze me that doctors say things are okay when they are clearly not!

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your scan.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Doctors are not versed and I feel I know more than them, they do not listen to the symptoms.

  • Sorry, but I was Under the impression that this is Thyroid UK. Have I been deceived???

  • This is FibroAction my friend!


  • Well, how did I get here? lol

  • Marmaris, they are just looking at the TSH! Which looks lovely. Pity it's meaningless! lol Yes, your Frees are way too low - I'm amazed you manage to get out of bed in the morning! Let's hope that NDT is better for you.

    But, in order for anything to work, you need to have optimal cortisol, vits and mins. You say you're taking vit B12, but are you taking a B complex with it? It won't do much on its own. And how much are you taking? What was your test result?

    If you're taking vit D3, you should also be taking vit K2 with it, because it increases levels of calcium, and we want that calcium to go to the right places, Don't we. The bones, not the tissues. You're taking magnesium, which is good, but how about some zinc added in there?

    And how is your iron? Have you had that and ferritin tested? Ferritin needs to be mid-range for you to be able to use the thyroid hormone you're taking.

    Have you ever had your cortisol tested? If not, I think that would be my next step. :)

  • Hi greygoose

    I was a little curious about vitamin K2? What is it please? And what food stuffs is it present in? I am on the twice daily Acrette D3 and weekly Alendronic Acid on prescription (for Osteoporosis) from my GP but nobody has mentioned K2 to me.

    I would appreciate any information that you could provide please?



  • K2 is in all leafy greens and broccoli and lettuce, etc. Doctors Don't know anything about it!

    My brother, after a heart attack, is on warfarine - which blocks vit K. Vitamin K1 is the thing that makes blood clot. And as they Don't want your blood too thick when you have heart problems, they give you substances like warfarine to block vitamin K1. Unfortunately, it also blocks vitmain K2. But, as vitamin K2 is the one that stops calcium from building up in the tissues - such as the heart and atteries - rather than the bones, they are just setting you up for another heart attack.

    They are also giving my brother calcium, for his osteoporosis, and vitamin D, for his D deficiency. Vitamin D increases the production of calcium naturally, so he's getting a double dose. But he can't take vitamin K2 because... blah blah blah. Talk about a viscious circle! They have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

    In general, doctors know nothing about nutrition or vitamins or anything like that. They are only just coming round to the importance of vitamin D. But in a very haphazard way, in my experience!

    However, I know nothing about Alendronic Acid, maybe that has the same effect as Vitamin K2, I Don't know. So, it would be best if you talked to your doctor about it before changing anything.

    This is what Dear Doctor Mercola has to say on the subject!


    If I find anything else on the subject, I'll post it here for you.

  • Have a look here :


    Scroll down about half way to read about K2. :)

  • Thank you so much for this, it is really informative. As I had said, I had no knowledge of vit K2, so I think I will be adding this to me supplements. I have broken quite a few bones over the years due to my Osteoporosis so I will try anything that could help me.

    Thank you


  • So sorry to hear about your brother @greygoose. I'm glad you mentioned functional medicine (Dr mercola). I had terrible problems with my heart (severe palpitations) and many other symptoms until I got a functional Dr. She taught me that magnesium and coenzyme q10 really help the heart, pain and fatigue etc. Don't rely on the serum magnesium test for accuracy. Google it. The red cell test is better .

    I hope that these links help. There is evidence to support the use of functional medicine (vitamins and minerals etc)



    Ps for thyroid problems functional Dr's look more at the signs and symptoms than the blood levels. Lorraine cleaver is doing a petition on the thyroid which may be of interest to you marmaris

  • Hi Greygoose I am taking one 5000microgrammes of jarrows sublingual B12 daily and once a week I take a weekly transdermal patch of B12 5000mcg, left on for 24 hours. I have now started a B complex with it. My test results had dropped from the 600's last May to 247 this year. Doctors nor Endo interested will not give loading doses. They say they do not treat until under 100, so not waiting to hear it anymore. Tired of fighting and coming up against a brick wall, I am self medicating and will ask for tests to check. I will look into the zinc. Hope to get the K2 a.s.a.p. Iron has gone from 88 to 176 due to supplementing 3 times daily. Cannot afford private cortisol test, as not working. Once again Endo poooh hoood it, not done on the NHS. Did short synthathen test some years ago, back negative. So you see I am doing all that I can to help myself.

  • Yes, of course, I realise that. It's terrible that doctors Don't know - and are unwilling to find out - how to help us. As I saide, they are just looking at the TSH so they are never going to make you well. If you're self-treating on the vits and mins, why not go the whole hog and get yourself some T3? That would seem to be the only solution.

  • I am now taking Nature throid which I sourced myself. I had already trialled the T3 Cynomel myself then the Endo gave me T3 Mercury Pharma yuk. Never felt well on it. So I am now on the NDT and hoping it will help. After being on the horrid T4 Levo for nigh on 19 years and T3 one year, this is my only option now. I even tried the T3 only protocol and came off the T4 and my tsh soared to 29. I still have hope and will not give in.

  • I hope so too. But you shouldn't just dismiss T3 out of hand. If your cortisol is low, T3 won't work either.

  • There is already T3 in the Nature Throid I am now up to 2 grains. Surely I should not add synthetic T3 with that too?

  • I didn't suggest that you should. Although some people do. Yes, there is T3 in Nature Throid. But not very much in 2 grains. Dépends how much you need.

    What I was actually saying was that maybe when you were on T3 only, you weren't on enough, and that's why your TSH rose. I was just saying that NDT is not necessarily your last hope.

    You were ill on T4 only. It could be that you're like some people - me included - that cannot tolerate T4. It maybe converts to rT3 - for whatever reason - and blocks your receptors. In which case, when you went on to T3 only, you couldn't absorb it. But, of course, we're just guessing here if neither the T3 nor the T4 nor the rT3 are ever tested! What a pity doctors Don't know that! :(

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  • Personnally I would be delighted to continue on TUK, but it's not my post!

  • Sorry really don't know how it came about.

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