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Blood tests

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Hello friends. I had a big round of blood tests done a week ago, get a letter today from doc to tell me that blood tests that they did for blood glucose have come back as high. The letter explained that the level of came back as could class me as pre diabetic. I felt like I had been kicked. I have been feeling better and now this comes up. It seems to be one thing after another. First fibr o diagnosis then came abnormal liver function test next after having heart scan get told u have mild coronary heart disease and now could be pre diabetic. It seems since the fibro diagnosis my health is falling to pieces. It really got to me this morning when the letter came. Sorry for the long rant but I needed to get it out before I drive myself crazy.

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Try not to worry to much

If you look at this way at least you now know and can take action to prevent it developing further .

I found a web site offering the latest Blood Glucose Meter free so I sent away for it .

Test my blood sugar once a week so I can keep it under control .

All I had to purchase was the sticks as only 10 came with kit

You don't have to be Diabetic to get it

Pre diabetic is a good thing to know it means you still have time to change things cut down on sugars I know hard when so much food hides it a little more activity and you could avoid diabetises. I can talk with confidence I was pre diabetic 3 years ago and my glucose levels have been normal last two years. You should get a list of things that will help and regular monitoring. Good luck hunny warm hugs n lots of supportive love xxxx

Hi, I was prediabetic although I am thin due to food problems and ibs. I cut down on sugar and next test was normal this year. I also had crazy bad liver test results and had scan and another test which came back normal.

All these tests just raise my anxiety levels and make my fibromyalgia problems worse.

I now try to cope without raising too many questions.

Hi 3178 what you said about tests raising anxiety levels is so true. I feel a bit better today but going to speak to doc tomorrow to get it fully explained. Thank you so much for the advice.

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Hi Paige

I was diagnosed as diabetic in May, after a few years of OK results. And it did feel like I'd never be able to cope with yet another thing on top of my current load.

Take a couple of days to let this sink in and start to come to terms with it, then make some changes to your diet.

The good news is that you can reverse this (the bad news is that I've found the extra effort exhausting, but still worth it!). And if you take care not to go back to your previous way of eating, then you can avoid pre-diabetes becoming full type 2.

I got my type 2 into remission with a couple of weeks on a low carb programme, without drugs, and have maintained a good level of control since. My last HbA1C level is 38, down from 51.

My diabetic nurse was very surprised and impressed with my 3 month blood results and is going to consider advising her other patients to try the low carb method.

I went on the Diabetes UK lowcarbprogram. Not a fad diet, you can even get this paid for on an NHS prescription if you have diabetes.

I've also lost 2.5 stone, which given I have CFS, asthma and arthritis on top of fibro so don't exercise really surprised me.

If you decide to try low carb (I started on 100g a day, they recommend 130g or less) and don't have someone less to help with the cooking then I have some tips that help reduce the extra work of preparing all that fresh veg and the salads.

And plenty of ideas for anyone trying to cut down on sugar who has a sweet tooth.

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Hi there, try not to worry been pre diabetic is giving you a warning a wake up call and giving you the chance to stop it going any further. I don't know if your aware you can lock your posts to this community only and keep what you and the other members post here private. Most members will only reply to locked posts. If you would like to lock this or future posts the link below will show you how to do it. If you need further help with any thing please just ask any of the admin team. I hope you have a very pleasant evening xx


Hi this happened to me and I started taking a multivitamin with CINNAMON in it which lowered by blood sugar to normal. I have now changed to TURMERIC has it has a multi purpose, by helping with blood pressure, anti inflammatory, helps IBS and digestion as well as reduce blood sugar. You could try using this instead, it does keep it down and helps with other stuff to, so win win. So you can treat this naturally, just try it. Good luck x

Hi page 1999, I'm sorry to hear about your blood test results I hope your stress levels go down after a sleep, you've had a lot of good advice from members that is why I love this forum the members are so friendly and helpful take care

Gentle hugs Rosie xx 😊

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Thank you rosie-2015 i have had a good talk with my family today and now realise I need to take more time for myself. My 19 yr old daughter is type 1 and had been for over 12 years. So we have say and discussed everything. Once again thank you for your kind words. Also to everyone who replied . This is a great group to be part of.

The last one I had was one short of the borderline but lately, I've been getting painful numb toes and tingling neuropathy I think, I do have vitamin B12 deficiency but I have 3 monthly injections for that so I don't think its that, also a fatty liver and a hiatus hernia its not my normal fibro pain so I think another trip to doctors to see if I've crossed that borderline.

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