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Hi all, hope you are as well as can be and looking forward to the weekend.

I have just started taking Pre gablin on a very low dose 25mg and yesterday upped it to 50 morn 50 evening. I feel lowsy, was hoping it would help with my chronic insomnia and pain. May it has helped the pain a little. I just feel spaced out and my vision is blurry and seeing double! It’s really frightened me.

Has anyone else had this side effect, and do the side effects tend to go once body is used to the new meds?

I really wanted them to work as running out of options. Tried Gabapentin, and Nefropam, So far. But can’t be good for body to keep swapping and changing meds all the time. Not tried Amitryptaline yet.

My GP is giving up on me! I am so fed up.

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Hi, I was on pregabalin but am off it now. I personally didn't think it helped me and the side effects were driving me crazy.

I'm not sure if I had the blurred vision but I do know that you should probably give It some time to kick in but also go to you GP and tell them about the blurred vision, have you read the leaflet that comes with it? I THINK it says that if you experience any problems with eye sight go and speak to your GP becuase it could be dangerous. I am not a doctor so could be wrong and i could be thinking of a different medication.

I think the best thing to do is read that leaflet and read the side effects.

I am now on amitriptyline, which I think helps me better, especially getting to sleep.

Sorry to waffle on and I hope these horrible side effects wear off for you soon!

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uggycat in reply to Mill06

Hi Mill I was on pregabin and just wanted to go back to bed had to come off it. I am on a very low dose of gaby for nerve pain till I have my operation, reluctantly. If I try to up the dose it sends me a bit crazy (well I don't feel right) xx

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Mill06 in reply to uggycat

Ah how annoying! Definitely just listen to your body and stick with the lower dose, do you take anything else? I felt the same with pregabalin! I really didn't feel myself felt so far away from everything if you get what I mean! Xx

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Yes , I do get what you mean. I hate that constant vague feeling! So does my partner! Thank you so much for replying. X

I've been on Pregablin for about 6 years now. I only take 125mg a day normally as at a higher dose I feel a bit spaced out so wouldn't be able to drive. I found the first two weeks innit even at the low dose of 50mg a day terrible as I felt spaced out, just wanted to make more like around all day and couldn't concentrate and found reading difficult as it did affect my eyes. I stuck with nit as the burning, shooting fibro pains I had been having were horrendous and I was desperate to find something that would help as I was hoping to get back to work. The relief wasn't instantaneous and took about two to three weeks to start to kick in but I haven't I be honest Pregablin was the only thing I've taken which has helped with this. The side effects gradually got much better and I can now function much better on the tablets and any muzziness etc I out down to fibro fog.

I know fibro has certainly affected my eyesight as it can vary from day to day which can make having an eyetest and new glasses difficult. If you can I would give it a few more days unless the double vision is extreme. Best of luck with it.x

Hi I was on pregabalin for a while but my side effects were just awful - my walking was better but I just couldn't function u gained a stone and was asleep much more and couldn't concentrate on anything - I have tried a few drugs but I find the side effects just so bad - so I have been for over a year now -. Just take the odd painkiller - I have changed my diet completely and try to exercise rest pace and be possible -. That's the only way I have improved. - good luck - neese. X

Oops that's "been off meds!!!" - fibromyalgia moment !!!

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Vivalaviv in reply to neesey1005

Me too. I have tried every med for fibro & the side effects have been too difficult to deal with. Who wants to feel even more out of it than you do on fibro & taking meds that increase symptons of ibs. I was taking pain killers to deal with the headaches that were created by gabapentin. Taking meds for stomach upset created by naproxen. Pointless.

A good nights sleep is a great help but GP will give me anything but what actually helps me - sleeping pills.

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neesey1005 in reply to Vivalaviv

Hi yes I have been given some sleeping pills - to catch up on sleep (I cut them in half and only have half when exhausted.) - take care. Neese x

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Hi, thanks for replying. I be been given zopiclone, but worried about addiction, so try not to take them every night. I’ve come off the pregablin now as just didn’t suit me.

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Hi, thank you for replying. Like you, I think I need to forget meds. Hate feeling spaced out. Ive just got to find the energy from somewhere to try and get into a routine, in doing small bits of exercise and sorting my diet. At the moment I am just existing... that’s it! Constantly trying to catch up on sleep but never feeling any better. Only time I feel ok is at night before bed, then I am awake and in pain tossing and turning all night. Not sleeping till 6 am, and not managing to get anything constructive done during day. It’s a viscous circle, that Ian finding very difficult to break. Don’t know why I get most pain in bed at moment. Anyway thank you for sharing your experience, I am so very grateful as I am at a loss with this condition!

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You know I think I am going to take the same path. Just don’t want to put on anymore weight, and it seems I am so sensitive to medications.

The fatigue bothers me more than pain, unless I get a flare then the pain is unbearable, but I just need to find a way without the meds! I was just diagnosed last year and still trying to find the best path for me. Which exercise do you find helps you?

Yes but don't get that now.I was on 450mg 350mg side effects are awful and I used to feel spaced out alot and sight would blear which is frightening as wear contacts too.If I could completely come off them I would but pain then is horrendous. Some people get side effects some don't. Try them for while and if no better stand your ground and say you need something that's not going to make you feel worse.

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Thank you so much for replying. I just can’t cope with side effects either. It’s was my distance sight that was affected, I’ve come off the pregablin now. Wish I knew what to do for best.

I'm on Pregabalin and I take 200mg in the morning & 200mg in the evening.

They free the only ones out of loads that the doc has tried me on that don't give me horrendous side effects. They are also one of the safest to take as they don't affect your liver, kidneys, etc., like amitriptyline do.

I think the only side effect I've had is slight blurred vision but nothing to bother me really.

I think you need to go with what your body is telling you.. Too be honest the amount you're taking won't help much if at all with the pain, so if you're getting side effects on that dose it looks as if they don't suit you, although I must say that the docs usually tell you to take it for a month to give your system chance to get used to it and stop the side effects.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do, but if you don't feel happy on it go back to your doc. You can be referred to the pain clinic who can offer you other treatments that might work, so maybe that's an option?

Wishing you a speedy solution and sending love and hugs. ((💕))

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Thank you so much for the advice. My GP told me to come off the pregablin. That’s a good idea about the pain clinic. I went to one session when I was diagnosed, but not been offered anything since. I will see if my Dr will refer me. Thanks again. Xx

Hi I have a positive relationship with with preagablin, at first you couldn’t keep me awake I take mine at tea time and at bedtime they help sleep, by getting a really deep R.E.M. sleep helps with pain too and my nerves. You really need to watch your mood as some people like me felt quite depressed when I started taking them. Side effects wore off after a couple of months. Hopefully your side effects will wear off.

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Thank you for replying. I so pleased that you are getting on well with the pregablin. Maybe I just didn’t it it a chance, but my GP said to come off them because of the vision disturbance. Wish they worked for me. Sleep and fatigue is my biggest problem at the moment. Pain is just about tolerable, at present. Just shoulder and arm pain at moment, but during night I get awful burning in my feet and legs. That’s why I hoped the meds would help with. Anyway, it’s reassuring that some people are getting benefits from the meds. Take care. X

Hi Claire I have to say they gave me blurry vision at first and weight gain. Maybe ask your Gp if he would consider giving you a low dose at 25mg for a month then increase slowly so less side effects? I have been on preagablin 10 years now I’m on 350mg daily but I could go up to 600mg but I don’t want to take more than I have to xx

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Hi Gilly, thanks for you advice. how long did the side effects last with you? If you don’t mind me asking? Did the weight come off or does one tend to keep putting it on... I am already 3st overweight and more weight would be awful for me.

Do you think they make ppl put on weight because they make you more hungry?

Side effects for me took around 3 months all in all, but everyone is different. I put the weight on but I was feeling let down and fobbed by my doctors so didn’t really care for myself as nobody else seemed to that’s just how it went for me. I gained back strength to get some diagnosis and proper pain meds preagablin isn’t the only pain killer I’m taking but I feel it’s really helped my sleep pattern as I was up all hours in agony feeling lost and alone, now times past my husband is very supportive I feel he fights my corner

Hi iv just started on these to I had very bad problem with eyes on Thursday I rang my doctor said it's nothing to do with tablets but it's on the lealet that it's a side effect im on 75 mg twice a day in finding them great and have slept well this past two nights hopefully the blurry vision is only temporary as mine has been .

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