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Review of DLA

Hi, not been on here for a long time as I have been in a bad place for months. My mobility has gone from bad to nonexistent and I rang the DLA for a review. They have sent me a review pack. ( my award for DLA is renewable in Dec this year ) I think what I am asking is ,is there any words I should use in describing my problems , some one told me once write it like the reader is stupid. Plain and simple Is this right? I am having second thoughts about filling this in but I do need help with my mobility so I suppose I will have to fill it in. Can anyone give me some pointers? Pleas, anything will be a great help. Xx

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Hi Michphil :)

I'm sorry to hear that you have been in a bad place but glad to see you back again and hopefully we can help you be successful with your claim.

My personal choice has always been to call and make an appointment with an advocacy service such as Welfare Rights or Citizens advice as they can fill the form in for you so you don't have the stress of it hanging over you. Plus they will follow your claim throughout the whole process including any mandatory reconsiderations and appeals if they occur.

I always brainstorm first too gathering info about my medications and consultancy appointments and all relevant paperwork that is required.

Mini test yourself, very carefully of course so not to cause yourself injury, to find out what your limitations actually are and then consider your needs when at your complete worst.

Hope this helps and if I can help any further please give me holler :)

Supportive fluffies for you :)

XXX sian :)


Hi I just got accepted for higher rate motability I already get higher rate DLA for mental health issues just tell them how your condition affects you from day to day always use your worst days as your pinpoint.

They rang me a couple of times when I was really bad my form was filled in quite desperate and all over the place as I cannot cope with stress my head struggles it was a nightmare with tippex everywhere the turned me down at first kept me on higher rate DLA and lower mobility then I rang them to say I need them too look at my claim again as I am now on new meds that's when the rang me couple times along the way and asked random Q about hospital dates they then rang and asked is there anyone who we can contact I had not put my doctor on the form so I told them contact my GP as I was seeing him frequently my doctor told them walking for 2 metres causes pain from the onset as I am always in global pain. That is what they turned me down for saying I can still walk

Within two weeks I rang back and was told I was awarded the higher rate motability

An organisation told me to wait 6 weeks after my turning down and apply again I thought no way am I doing that form again

So the telephoning did it and my hospital letters and doctors report they said

I also used tips from benefits and work which I had used when I applied for EMA

Hope this help x


I cant improve on what Zeb said. Keep it simple is good. The person reading the form wont want to struggle to do so. Over complicated scribble is really unhelpful so be true to yourself and also be truthful. Its a fine balance between being accurate and thorough and too wordy.

Good luck


Blow I did a big reply and it has just gone into outer space. Excellent advice from everyone. If you can't get help from someone like the CAB remember the person looking at your case has never met you, knows nothing about your condition and how it affects you so it is no good putting "I find a task difficult". Put how long it takes you to do that task, if you need any aids to help you, if so if you have difficulty using them for any reason, how much pain and distress and fatigue it causes you and how long it takes you to recover from doing that task so they get the complete picture. Don't be afraid to add extra sheets of paper but remember to put your name and national insurance nos on each sheet but try and keep your explanations as brief as possible.

Again if you have to fill it in yourself email Fibroction and I am sure they will email you the Benefit and Works guide for free as it is very helpful.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.x


Keeping it simple is the best way. I would suggest you try and get your local citizens advice or welfare rights place to help you. When I did my PIP form I wrote in every box 'see attached sheet' and I typed it on the computer as it let me rest in between questions, change my mind and sort my spelling. It also made it much easier to read and meant I had a copy of all the info the DWP had. Good luck, Linda.


I can see that you have been given some wonderful advice, so I just want to wish you all the best of luck.

Good luck



I went to the CAB and they helped me they where great x


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