I got it!!!!! DLA review

Hi folks I posted a while ago now when I reapplied for DLA, I was getting the lower care component of the allowance. Yesterday I got my decision and the health proffesional backed me up and I got high rate mobility and middle rate care. I am so pleased because the money will be a great help in adapting my home and of course getting a car.

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  • im so so so pleased for you many congrats another win ...xx

  • Fantastic news and yet another smack int he face for our so-called government, well done xxxxx

  • Good for you :-) xx hope it helps xx

  • Thanks :D

  • Just brilliant.. I am soo very happy for you xxx Its what is right.. x

  • Really pleased to hear your good news!! xx

  • ahh fantastic news hun, really great. :) xx

  • good for you well done so pleased for youxxxx

  • great news kay! enjoy choosing your new car.

  • Thanks to everyone for your support, I have chosen a car today which means I can get out more. Also many tanks t the support I have had from this forum, if I can help any other person in need of DLA then maybe I can help x

  • Well done Kay123. It will sure take the stress away from you! Again well done x

  • Well done kay123, bet it is a relief for you. Can you help me with a few pointers please? I want to apply for DLA as I really neeed to extra to pay for help for me and my baby but I really am unsure what sort of things I should be putting on the forms. xx

  • Hi, yes you have to think of the worst day you've had and put everything into the form as possible. When it asked how far could I walk without pain I put "0", this shows that walking is virtually painful from when you stand up, I also mentioned the tiredness I have which upsets my day, I am always very tired.

  • I have a hip condition that really hinders my walking and I really can't walk anywhere without pain but I thought I would have to put something so I am glad you said about putting a 0 in. I know what you mean about the tiredness, I am always so tired and it feels like it goes right into my bones. Thanks for replying.

  • Hi Kay123

    well done on getting your award, I'm so pleased someone is getting something out of this government, I have had high rate mobility and low rate care for the last 3 years, just re-newed my forms and still got low rate care but no mobility at all, how can this be when nothings changed in fact worse, so even after writing to them they still come back with same answer, so now going for a tribunal. Do you know what kind of help & support is out there fr me to help me with this like a support worker type thing and how do I go about getting this help the correct way thanks x

  • Sorry to hear you lost your mobility allowance, that sucks!! I have five conditions not just fibro so that's why it swung in my favour I think. I have Fibro, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, asthma and PA/RA, I am on constant treatment and have been on a chemo drug too. The only people I know that will be able to help you and go with you to a tribunal is DIAL look them up in the yellow pages, they are a charity that helps people with form filling etc...I hear they do a great service.

  • Hi Kay123 I have RA and spondilitis as well as Fibro, I'm a right cocktail of tabs and they have just upped my methotrexate, and I'm on the morphine patches.

    Ive E mailed CAB and one of their advisers is going to help me and represent me, so I don't feel as alone anymore, and that someone is finally listening to me x

  • hi this is almost same as my story hun, congrats to Kay btw, i am now waiting for DLA tribunal they took the lot off me after 3 yrs of high rate mob n low rate care! I got in touch with welfare rights and they are trying to help me and will attend the tribunal with me too. I also have a disability social worker and O.T. and carers 3 x per week, keep fighting and get all the help you can. Hope this helps xxxxxx

  • the system stinks doesn't it Wiccamom, its about time this country started looking after their own.

  • Well done Kay123. x

  • Brilliant. So pleased for you.

    Big Hugs


  • I have ordered a car yesterday and I get it in 3 weeks time, this is going to help me no end now and I can live my life.

  • I'm really glad for you it proves that some fms sufferers get it. I get or care and have applied and been refused any more so I have just asked for a review and I now have another 11 wks to wait for decision, fingers crossed everyone. I also put on my form that I can only walk 0-10 mtrs but am in constant severe pain. When I got my refusal it said I could walk 100 mtrs talk about turning things round but I will appeal if I get refused again. So I am very pleased to see you,v got it. Good luck

  • I had to wait 16 weeks for a decision but that was because my GP and Consultant didn't reply sooner, they backed me up and said how I was suffering with my 5 conditions. I have fibro but 4 other conditions :(

  • Goldwing, I'm too now going to appeal, for the last 3 years Ive had high rate mobilty and low rate care, Ive just re-newed my forms, and it has come back still low rate care, but none for mobility, so I wrote to them and asked why as nothing had changed in fact has got worse, they still came back with same response, so now I'm going for a tribunal, I mean ive got nowt to lose, its like they are making an example of me, teaching me a lesson of not asking again, I may be paranoid but thats how I feel.

  • Sorry should LR care that I get now

  • Congratulations x

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