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Having had a medical last week to review my DLA payments I was really pleased today to get a letter confirming that I can keep the award made a few years ago of High Rate Mobility and Medium for Care. It was such a relief...now just to sort out the appeal for ESA and I might be getting somewhere. Be good to get rid of some of this stress!! I may even get a couple of hours sleep at night then :)

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  • well done xx

  • Thats good news

  • hi marion , i am so pleasd for you , have they put you on contibution esa and are you apealing x

  • I was on contribution based esa when I was in the support group, but they moved me to the work activity group so am no longer able to get any money. Have asked them to reconsider the decision but will lodge full appeal if that doesn't work. I was awarded 18 points but need 19 to remain in the support group so I am hopeful. Silly thing is it was the same doctor who did both medicals!

  • Wow thats great news Marion xxx

  • so glad to hear some good news on assessments, hope you have same luck with your appeal xx

  • Yeahh, i am so pleased for you. :)

    Good luck with the esa, hugs, kel xxx

  • Hi Marion really pleased for your results with DLA.

    How long have you recieved ESA for, I had it for a year and was told I no longer qualified for it as I had recieved it for 365 days, and apparently that s the law now!!!!!!!


    Sue xxx

  • if you are assessed to be in the support group I don't think there is a time limit. The 365 days applies to the work activity group according to the chap I spoke to from dwp

  • Well done Marion. It's good to hear some positive news with regards to DLA for a change



  • Thank you for leaving such positive comments for me! I should perhaps add that fibro is not my only health problem..I have had major knee, hip and spinal surgery and also 5 brain operations for a brain cavernoma. However the fibro is what has really messed me up. If I could stop the constant falling over it would be an achievement!

  • iv been told by a friend who has just been to a tribunal that they questioned her for nearly 2 hours.. i dont think i can cope with that,,, i know im going to be ill cause i suffer with travel sickness with my fm.. realy dont know weather its worth going

  • If travelling makes you ill eirwen, ask them to come to you . They are able to arrange home visits .

    If mine goes to tribunal next year , I won't be able to go because I'm agoraphobic , so I'm afraid they will have to come to me whether they like it or not .



  • hi, well done you xxxxx

  • Oh thats Fantastic news well done, it is so nice to hear some positive news with the DLA/ESA Good luck with your appeal with ESA

    Gentle hugs xxxxx :-)

  • i had a medical on 19 of april still waiting to hear if i will keep my award of high mobility and care.have had to skip meals just to manage .have to go to the food bank if i lose my award..i am worried how will i get there not able to get on bus and have to use my wheel chair if i go any where.my carer is gone he does not understand,he was my partner

  • My husband didn't either hence I left him last august so I am on my own with my two sons. Know what you mean with financial problems. I wish you lots of luck with your medical update


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