Hi y'all. Just gonna have a whinge if u dont mind. I am sick n tired of feeling ill, being in pain and being down in the dumps. Went to doc yesterday with pain n bloating in my upper abdomen. She just looked at me and said " I dont know what it could be. Lets take u off iron tabs. That should help". Not really a help. Feel like im not being taken serious and im just a burden to everyone. Had enough now. Sorry for the vent. Julie

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  • Hi julie, sorry you're feeling let down by the medical world, the gp's dont know how to help us. We feel trapped in our own illness. Your bloating could well be ibs, but do go and see another doctor, iron tablets might cause belly ache too. im not professional but have had fibromyalgia for a long time, diagnosed in 1996.

  • I know the iron can do that but iv been on it for 2 years after having weight loss surgery. It has never affected me b4. I started seeing another doc in my practice becauseI didnt feel like the other took me seriously but this one doesnt seem to either. Im fed up with iit all. Trying to stay in work but dont have the energy or get up n go anymore

  • You just hit the nail on the head. I'm not sure how iron tablets can effect your upper abdomen I'm not a doctor but I don't feel doctors take things seriously until you have complaint for at least 6 months. I hope you get better. I'm sending you some moral support 👊 it's frustrating when they don't know but then also don't even look into knowing x

  • Hi,

    I suffer hugely with upper stomach pain and awful bloating. Is it part of our condition? I am now awaiting referral for stomach check. Diagnosed with FM,CFS/ME also. Is it to do with muscle weakness within conditions?

    Very frustrating. Got to the stage where ,y very supportive Dr lets me lead to what checks I have (previously been dead right twice so that probably helps). Are we really such a query to the world of medicine... in 2015? 😡xx

  • Its awful that there isnt thst much knowledge about even my rheumatologist said she didnt know how to treat me.

  • Hi Julie, doctor's the bane of my life! I went to mine today and he said I had a virus go home and take plenty of rest and fluids like they always do. On constant esomeprazole which has left me ill and lowered my b12 levels so now I catch everything going - not good as I'm having c.b.t and can't as I'm too ill ridiculous, annoying and upsetting, feeling fed up in the dumps!

  • I feel for u. Im having cbt after a complete breakdown in aug. My docs seem to think that is over with now n dont acknowledged it anymore. They treat everything as just being fibro so therefore cant do anything for u. It all just gets too much to deal with

  • Does anyone know if NSAIDs can lower B12?

  • Im nit sure what NSAIDS are. Sorry

  • Non steroid anti inflammatory drugs, such as Meloxacam, Naproxen

  • This bloating is awful. I must stress that I'm not a medic, I've found a few things that have helped me. I changed to lactose free dairy foods and this was the biggest help also tried out the FODMAP diet also good ,it's all trial and error. Ask for a referral to a nutritionist you are entitled to other opinions. I hope you feel better soon. Lou x

  • I so agree with the FODMAP list. I was diganosed with IBS after 3 months of bloating and terrible abdominal pain. (didn't know that's what it's called - bloating - since I never had experienced it before) and lost 8 pounds as I could barely eat. After a colonoscopy, blood tests for celiac disease and pancreatic insuffiency, and a CT of the abdomen pelvis, my gastroenterologist couldn't find anything wrong. So IBS is the catch all for "who knows what."

    I've been relatively gluten free for years, but am now completely gluten free. I don't use much dairy, but am trying to limit it. So much dairy I like: cheese, cream, ice cream . . .

    So, I looked up the FODMAP and am doing my best to keep to the recommendations. Here's teh list I refer to:

  • Hi juliekp

    I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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