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i went to dentist last thursday for a filling wen numbness wore off i was in agony all nite ,went bak to dentist next day he said he wud have to take the filling out n put some packing in then filling on top.so after another injection he did this n ive been in costant pain since ,the area were he stuck the needle is very painful n the tooth n the one above it has now become sensative to hot n cold which is also very painful ,do u think it will settle down or shud i go bak i dont think i cud stand another injection ,im sure its triggered off mycrofacial pain coz the pain is all over the left side of my face n even into my temple lots of love tofty xxx

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  • My face was sore and painful for a few days and my teeth sensitive for about 2-3 weeks after a filling a few months back but it did settle down and eventually go away. Hope yours settles too.

  • meant to add it was a big filling too which had to be packed and built up as half the tooth had broken...

  • hi i had to go last week aswell to the dentist but was petrified as i havent been to the dentist in 10yrs i was told need a root canal filling and 2 crowns and a deep clean he booked me in a week later under sedation work was carried out didnt feel a thing.

    the thing is ask ur dentist for sedation where their is 3 types needle in the vein,gas and air,and oral sedation.if like me ur scared of needles ask them to numb ur gum with gel before dey inject you hope this helps

  • Hi, I am ok with the dentist re pain ... BUT I have had 11 ops over the years with my fibro and I take months to heal pain wise .. My last op should have been on a overnight stay in hospital I was in over a week due to my body not coping with pain at all.... It's so soul destroying seeing people having the same op and up and out the next day ... If you can get to your GP please go and explain ... They may be able to give you something or suggest you can increase something until the pain eventually subsides.... Which it will but slowly...

    Hugs VG x

  • A very good point I've ending up at the doctor after seeing the dentist.

  • thanx guys ive been bak this mornin n had xray no absses so they said it just needs time to settle as it was a big filling n very deep n its triggered off facial pain so just got to b patient soft hugs tofty xxx

  • Last time I saw the dentist I went back. I had a cracked tooth (and now I have lost a filling I had done a couple of years ago)! She didn't believe I had a cracked tooth and was tapping them from about halfway back to the front when suddenly she went 'Aaah! Yes'. The tooth did need treatment so I was sedated and treated twice in the same week. I did need to give the teeth time to settle down though before they stopped hurting. At least you know there is no infection there.

  • I always suffer after having big work done on my teeth. Had several crowns and 2 nerve roots done. Last one took several weeks to calm down properly. Don't know if you're on any pain meds, but might be ideal to take something or something a bit stronger than what you're on for the next few days or so and see how it is.

    Hope it eases soon. Hugs xx

  • thanku i was beggining to worry about it not settleing but i wont now xx

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