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well doctor from atos came on friday he was a dour faced so n so, was a case of being asked the same questions u fill in on your dla form at start, take it this is to see if u trip urself up, took an hour n 25 mins and half way through felt like telling him to take himself and his form n shove them where the sun dont shine, by time he went away was in total agony and still the same way, these medicals and questions just make u feel 100 times worse than u did b4 they started x

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  • Morning Sparky,

    It sounds very tedious - poor you. I hope you get your dla then it wont seem to bad.

    Are you joining our fantasy cruise it set sail at 11.00am this morning we seem to be going around the world xgins

  • ty i am that xx

  • Hi there sparky

    I had a DLA medical a few months ago at my home and mine lasted over the hour too and I agree those medicals are exhausting and cause much pain to which none of them understand. I think they should come back to see what effect those medicals have on us poor fibromites.

    On the other side of the coin its over and done with and you just have to wait, hope its good news for you :)

    if you'd like a distraction come and join in the virtual world cruise later and have some fun as Gins says we set sail at 11am keep an eye on the post board :D

    fluffie cuddles for you


  • thanks zeb they just dont care what state they leave u in as long as they get what they want out it, really felt like telling them to shove it lol x

  • love your pic btw makes me chuckle, I love it! :)

  • lol its what i call my little grandaughter, cause sometimes shes sweet like a cookie n then theres times shes a wee monster lol x

  • Aw! how cute :)

  • I did not know that you can ask them to come to your home , what situation will they except before they will visit ? I am worried about going on the bus and i do not have anyone with a car to take me thank you in advance katheryn x

  • Hi there Katheryn :)

    You can request a home visit though I didn't, they automatically arranged it to be a home visit :o

    I'm sure somewhere it does tell you that you can but it'll be small print probably so as not to get every applicant requesting them........stupid isn't it!?

    Also you could check on the fibroaction site for benefit information and guidelines as to how to request a home visit. Though I'm sure if you posted the Q someone on here may be able to tell you :)

    sorry I'm not of much help :(


  • Hi zeb you have been more than enough help thank you very much i will go on the website and have a read

    take care , gentle hugs

    katheryn xx

  • hi sparkey , I had mine 2 weeks ago , and its so draining , that's right they should come back and see how it has effected us , good luck xxx angie

  • oh broadband hope u get a great result and at least it will all have been for something xx

  • let me know how you get on , xxx fingers crossed for us xxxxx

  • good luck to you too xxxx

  • Please don't let it put you off, this is what they want. If you get turned down then appeal, 70% of people who attend an appeal come away with an award or a higher award than they had. I have been to a tribunal (nothing to worry about) and I am attending one tomorrow. If you need any advise, I'm happy to share what I know.

  • Interesting and very useful 'avimay' and thank you for sharing and offering your help , especially to people like myself who do not know alot x

  • I would be happy to help anyone who has questions about the appeal process or is worried about attending and what they will be asked. It helps to have a little insight into the unknown. x

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