Twitching & cramp ?

I m constantly twitching its like well twitching my legs everything , i evan get it in my eyelids an lips . It ranges from arms legs hands just felling like ive got on set of cramp which happens when its getting bad to looking as some one said im being electric shocked . Ive got it all the time in some form an what with the pins an needles in my lower arms hands an face & its driving me batty . I dont sleep propely like most on hear cus of pain anyway but im in an out of bed all night some night 's , just cramping an twitching . Does any one ells get this ? An have u got any tips or anything that can help its worse after an episode or flare as u call them on hear ?


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  • I have been to my docs this week with the same thing. He gave me some pills called baclofen but only 20mg as they can react with amitryptiline

  • Thank u for that ill ask , im waiting for pain management clinic appointment so might wate till then an ive got my injections on the 13 so that may hellp to ive bean told xx

  • I used to get horrible cramps in my legs at night so I eat a banana a day... I am now totally sick of them but I look on them as a medicine and the cramps only happen very rarely if I stop eating them the cramps come back.... I really didn't think it would work , but it does for me....

    VG x

  • Hi thats really strange cus I've bin told not to eat them cus of ibs an family history long story , but might b what I'm laking ill put it on my list fir next doctors visit , thanks for the information it all helps xx

  • My eyelids twitch an sort of flicker sometimes but my legs are terrible when i am resting. Last night i was sat in my comfy chair with my feet up on my poufee watching corrie with the OH and daughter when my right leg suddenly twitched so violently and suddenly that my slipper flew off and hit the dog! I thoght my OH and little girl would need medical attention as they laughed themselves silly...mind you, the dog didnt look too impressed! Charlii xx

  • Hi charlii that made me lol , that's something id do poor dog :) !

    Its good to laugh think u have to what with our body's doing there own thing an our minds joining them . I call myself wobelly bob think u should b called flick in a nice way of course . Lovely story keep smiling an lol when u can its the only way up xx

    Kugagirl xx

  • Morning kugagirl. Yep I get the twitches too. Some days I know are going to be twitchier than others because of how tight and painful my body feels. Quite wacky sometimes! I get lots of chuckles from their occurance, just like charli's family. Not sure if I have any helpful tips, sorry. But for me it definitely goes with my pain and fatigue level. I'm going to give VG's advice and make sure I eat a banana a day. Maybe it has something to do with our potassium levels?? Hope you have a good day today. S x

  • Ive sent a very long reply but my phone is not happy on this forum somthing r going an some not , thanks for replying an nice to c u again going to have to find a beter way to chat :( on hear kugagirlxxxx

    Ps hope this sends x

  • My doc told me to drink indian tonic water for the cramps. It has not stopped them completely but they are less frequent now, I try and drink 2 bottles a day....without the

  • Ill defanetly try that as above id sent a long message but on looking its not got sorry id do it again but eye strain . Ill sort something better to use & thanks again i love Tonic water x

    Have a Good day Kugagirlxx

  • I also have the twitches and restless legs syndrome. I put up with it for a long time before mentioning it to my GP. He prescribed a drug called Ropinerol, it worked for my RLS and made a little difference to my twitches. I have just increased the dose, on GP's orders as the twitches during the day were getting worse. My leg jerked so violently a few weeks ago our smallest cat flew off my knee!!

    Hope you get the help you need,

    S xx

  • Thanks ill ad that to my list of drugs to try my GP isn't very up on drugs fir this condition so i think its down to me until my pain clinic appointment comes through . An everyones help is gratefully apreshiate .rr poor cat :( good job got 9 lives :) xx

    Thanks again an hope u have a good day today xx

  • Are you all taking or bathing in magnesium? I take one magnesium with calcium (from boots) at night and use Epson salts (from amazon) I'm my bath. I don't get the twitches and cramps then. Don't know why but our magnesium levels

    seem to be affected....

    Be careful if your blood pressure is low though. Magnesium can lower it further

  • Ive sent a reply but cus its on my phone very fiddle I've managed to press the wrong button , so its on as an answer to what i posted today sorry an thanks kugagirl xx

  • Hi stepper : ive got to slipped disc's in my back & a prolapsed spine so cant get in bath sadly :( but again ill put it on list for tablet firm an as my GP every little helps , glad it works for u its good when u find something that works gives u a boost . Xx

    Ive just had a read on your info page , hope u don't mind but like to put a person to the messages as my memory is atrocious Especially with names. Id b interested in leaning more about alternative as my body reacts badly to drugs ,i:e Morphine patches made my sick an Hallucinate i was naked in the living room talking to my Mom who had past away 2 years prier , not a good look :( so anything u have the time an Of course energy to pas on would b appreciated s & the IBS diet ? I know we r all different but sometimes they r the same . Xx

    Thanks in advance , but if u cant don't worry i wouldn't wont u to use up what bit of energy u have on stuff for me u have to preserve it , hope this finds u on a good day kugagirlxx

  • If you can't get in a bath.....use epson salts in a foot bath.... a bowl of hot water on the floor.... Works just as well.

    kugagirl. I'm happy to share into with you...Have to go out now though so will answer later tonight xxx If you pm an email address I can forward things to you x

  • Thats grate thanks anytime no rush xxx

  • The tonic water thing is because it has quinine in it :-)

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