bad start to day got worse

for second day running had a fall -colliding into and tripping up things-something to do with headpain??crashed out at 9.30 last night and woke at 2am.went on computer to try and sort some problems and sat up til 4am when felt tired enough to go back to bed.woke at 8.15 to dogs whimpering.they would have come up to wake me except I now have a stair gate to stop Buster coming up.he decided to walk to the beach but refused to go on the beach itself and made his way to the bus shelter.(I cant walk up hill either)so when the bus came I asked as I always do is it ok to bring the dogs on and did he get many school kids on that bus (it was 8.30).-it made a difference to where I got off.if loads of school kids then I would have got off before they get on.he said it was ok and he had a few kids but not I stayed. on the bus .further along the route three children got on and politely and rightly asked if the could stroke them,I said they could stroke Annie but not Buster.Annie being Annie got excited and jumped up whilst I tried to restrain her.then this mouthy woman got on and shouted " get your dogs off the bus and keep them away from my grandchildren".i initially said "its not your bus and the driver didnt have a problem with bringing the dogs on"(most drivers know me and my dogs and they aren't any trouble)she went to the back of the bus still mouthing off.i told her she should learn from her grandkids who were lovely and polite and asked if they could stroke Annie.she was still making an idiot of herself in front of the whole bus for the entire journey.i got off the bus and this b.... got off at the same stop .the kids kept looking over at us .I deliberately walked near by if she should start ranting again.i felt sorry for the kids having that for a grandparent.when I got home I met my neighbour who asked how I I said I was ok up until 10 minutes ago when this mouthy woman got on and started ranting ,she asked who she was -told her what she looked like/was neighbour said she would look out for neighbour knows my dog s wouldnt harm anyone and Annie dotes on her youngest son who loves to come over and play with her,

now putting arnica on my bruises from this morning.hope the rets of the day get sbetter.

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  • A hard start to the day then, but it sounds as if you live in a lovely place where people know one another and the beach is near! Wish I had those. I hope your day goes well. x

  • hi yes it is a lovely place to live.since i moved here in 2003 i ve learnt that people dont move away from their birthplace and everyone knows everyone because they are either related or grew up thru school together.the majority of people are friendly and neighbourly but there are always those who ruin it for others and the odd few who slag people off behind their a shame some adults dont learn from their thing ive noticed is how great the kids are here.they are always happy and polite.never any problem.

  • I do envy you knowing people locally, it's very hard to get to know people in later life though I do make all the right moves. Hope your day is going well. x

  • when I moved here the first people I got to know were other dog took sometime to get to know others.

  • anbuma,

    not a great start to the day. sorry.

    I often choose a time (say 9 am), and deliberately start my day over, consciously leaving the other person's issues behind me. That person will either carry her issues all day long, or will find a way to resolve them. Her choice. You don't have to take it on. Shake it off, smile, have a great day! : )

  • thank you.all forgotten.,just hope i dont come across "it" again.if i do and she is the same ill just say maybe you should learn from the kids -they were polite enough to ask and they dont judge a book by its cover.

  • Hi anbuma

    So sorry to read that, it was not a good start to your day and as for that woman, what an idiot she was!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • =Hi Ken .thank you.there are some morons about.i ll make sure i get that bus home again at some point .i just have the satisfaction that she showed herself up in front of a bus full of people.,the kids were a credit to their polite,not so sore this morning but goign to mention to dr that ive had a couple of falls

  • Doctors tomorrow to review swelling.also tell him of head pain and swelling (bone growth)and recent falls.hoping he'll take me seriously. Maybe I'll get a scan.Annie lying beside me on sofa concerned look in her eyes and Buster this morning followed me to the door when I went out pleading me not to go /not to go out without him.

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