Still so angry 7hrs later

on the bus on my way to pick up my grandson from school and it cant pull in too let me off due to cars parked at the bus stop on double yellow lines the driver got off the bus to ask a woman to move so he could pull in and let me off with my walker she refused to move.

The driver helped me off the bus in the road there is a metal fence along the bus stop and where she was parked there was only a 6 inch gap to get on the pavement so myself and my 3 year old grandaughter are stuck standing on the road so i ask her to move so we can get on the pavement she refused 3 times i asked all i got was shake of her head only when i got my phone out and took a photo of her nummber plate did she pull back enough to let us on the pavement but with an attitude that i was in the wrong.

a few parents told me to phone council parking dept and report it as this happens evry day with people parking at the bus stops which i did but all they said is theyll put it on the parking officers list all they do is evry few months the send parking deterent officers to stand at the bus stops so on that day oh they dont park there even if they catch someone they dont give them a ticket

they didnt even want her reg no said they have to catch her at the time sorry about rant had to get it out


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  • Hi linlit

    You said you had a walker? I presume it is made of metal? Let me tell you what I would have done - I would have used my walker to arrange a large number of evenly spaced dints in her car! That would have made her move! Sorry, I felt quite angry myself just reading that.

    I hope you manage to calm down and take care

    Ken (the author) x

  • i did feel like scratching her bonnet with my back door key but then id get done for criminal damage and i have calmed down now ty


  • Hi - I can understand how angry you felt. Two weeks ago I had a really bad fall in sainsburys and while the security was picking me up somebody actually lent over us to get something out of the fridge! Unbelievable! You take care x

  • tell me about it when i was still able to work at tesco i was a first aider and while sitting on the floor dealing with a unconsuse elderly lady there banging my legs with their trolleys as they tried to squeeze past then one man asked me to pass him some milk cant print my reply luckily 2 male staff members blocked off the aisle or their might have been a few more people needing first aid

  • You might have had more success if you had called the police, and if your phone allows, taken a video to show exactly how the car was positioned and how much of an obstruction it was causing. If they failed to act then I would have contacted my local paper who would almost certainly used this and your pictures, and made an example of this obnoxious bitch.

  • if they did bother to come it would probably been too late and she would have been gone and she pulled back as soon as i took a photo of her number plate i would love to contact local papper or local news but i have other issues with my holiday and just dont have the energy ty


  • Reaction of council doesn't surprise me in the least - parked cars with no- one in them are a much easier target! But she is causing an obstruction that is putting children at risk so it might be worth contacting the police and asking their advice. Also ask the head teacher if she is aware of what is going on and if he/ she is trying to anything. I know that local schools round here sometimes have the police round dealing with these unmentionable people. And there is always the local paper who might take up your cause. Trouble is you need the energy to do anything!

    I'm sorry you didn't have a posse of school mums coming to your aid as they can be seriously scary! But what a lovely bus driver.

    Hope your feeling calmer today. xx

  • a few mums spoke to me afterwards but the only one who spoke to her was agreeing with her the school said all they can do is put a message in there newsletter about parking there .ty


  • Also, if I had been present I would have intervened and publicly humiliated this selfish creature, and if necessary pulled stuff from her car and thrown it on the pavement, or smeared road dirt from the gutter all over her windscreen!

  • oh theres a lot i wanted to do to her car and her but i would have been the 1 arrested ty


  • If the police had come, and I doubt if this woman would have called them, I think, in these circumstances the police would have been more likely to book her for her parking offence, and at most let you off with a verbal caution, after all dirt on the windscreen would not cause damage to the car and could have been wiped off. I am sure other parents would have spoken up on your behalf. Perhaps a member of the Force would like to comment.

  • Hi,

    I am always taken back at how selfish some people can be. You can bet that driver is the type who would have been ranting to anyone and everyone if SHE had been the one suffering from someone else's selfishness. I am so sorry you have had to come across such a rude and inconsiderate person. Grrrh, I am furious on your behalf.

    gentle hugs


  • thanks jilly but it just seems a way of life noe that people can treat you as they like and get away with it i am already stressed with a holiday problem i posted about a couple of days ago and the stress has put my pain level right up


  • (((((linlit))))) . I know. It's a terrible reflection on how the world is becoming when simple curtseys can no longer be expected. :-(



  • i did ask my husband if he could put sharpe spikes on my trolley james bond style at a touch of a button i could scratch all the cars that park there and all the cars that park on pavements blocking the path but he said thats a bit beyond him


  • WOW!!! That's my kinda answer, love it!!!! xx

  • Huge fluffie cuddles on route to you linlit its shame the ignorance we have to endure on a daily basis :)

    Wishing you comfort and healing

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Merry Christmas linlit xxx

  • merrt christmas to you ken


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