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Things going from bad to worse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone never thought things could get worse!! But they have, my right leg was not working too well and I was put into Faro wraps for fluid retention and water tablets. Because f the tablets ,my bowel started flaring up again. Then my left leg began not too work properly,then my right hand. My Dr sent me for a brain scan and is coming to chat with me tomorrow, but he did say it is not a bleed or a tumor ! So I was at least relieved to hear that.

My Dr has been away for 2 weeks and since then I have got much worse! I can't walk at all unaided, and my writing that was lovely I cannot do. Went to clap my hands for my little dogs attention, and cannot even do that.It has taken me ages to write this as I forget the space and sometimes the middle letters are wrong.

I think the hardest one is I waited 18 months for council to do my bathroom....they never seemed to be heling so we got quote's and had it done ourselves on a loan. NOW I cannot use it as I am not safe on my own ,and altho it has a seat,I am not happy to go in it!

I will try again tomorrow x

sorry to be winging on but this just goes on and on.

My husband is exhausted,and there is no one carer comes when it suits her of late, and my daughter has been working full time. As if that is not enough, my mother is in a nursing home, and I can't get to the car to visit her! My husband can't go as he can't leave me here on my own, she is 87 bless her,and has loss of memory and other problems x

We have only been offered half hr for getting me up and a shower. Yesterday we went up stairs on my lift and Mac got me undressed and in the shower we managed to wash my hair between us and shower by turning the water on and off when mac washed me,as I could not do it. from going up stairs to me getting a shower and into my room to dry off took us an hr and a half! And I was exhausted after! so not sure the half hr will be any good to be honest!!!! last thing at night takes us an hr too.

I do hope you all are feeling well in this sunshine today :-) ((((((((((((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))))

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Hey there you know you sound like your all under a lot of stress and that doesn't help fibro or how we feel about ourselves but you are doing what you can so very gentle hugs and good to here from you.


Gosh rainbow, what a pickle. Have things changed because I thought your hubby was you carer, it is good that the situation has improved and you now get more help with your care. I hope that things improve for you very soon

Foggy x


Hi Foggy I don't have any care at all only my OH but he has spondulitus (spelling ? ) and PTSD and the council offers half hr 3 times a day no good to me so said " Thanks but no thanks " I am at my wits end with it all,and feel I have no where to turn too. OH says I should be in hospital to sort it all out. I know tho that is not the answer!

I used to be my husbands carer for 20 years! x Now he is looking after me and it is very hard x

Thanks for the reply (((((((((((((((((((( Rainbow Hugs ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Golly I must be really stupid, I thought you said in your post "my carer comes when it suits her of late". My foggy brain in need of a service clearly !!! Hope things improve soon.

Foggy x


Sorry to hear this if they find you need longer.. they may give you longer? x


Yes I will see! Thank-you x


Well Honey at least the bathroom is done and you have a stair lift. Ask for a carer to come for longer or let them come for half hour and see how far you get then apply for more time and get carer to add to letter that there wasnt enough time!

I am sorry you cannot visit your Mum I am sure she understands that you love very much and think of her. so much.

Now you need some light relief so go read the comedy section and have a laugh!

Gentle hugs xgins


Thanks Gins yes Mum does understand as best she can. Some days she ring's me up and says where are you? Why have you left me here so long? and then forgets and calls again. Other times I ring her and she won't answer the phone , she tells the nurse I don't answer because I don't know who's phone it is ....or why I am in this place x

Well off to find the comedy page x

Rainbow Hugs (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ;-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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