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So tonight I planned to go to a New Years party. But I have just cancelled as I got into a panic over lots of things about going out. I would not call it a panic attack but i felt like my head was going so exploded. This has happened twice before once meeting up with a friend and once about a driving lesson - I freak out about the events of the evening, needing to act happy, needing to talk and what happens when my pain gets bad and how to stay awake. So now spending the evening at home with the parents. Does this happen to you and any advice please? Even though I have cancelled Im still really anxious

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Hi elliedolly

I am so sorry to read this and I genuinely hope that you are beginning to feel more like your usual self again now? It may be worth discussing this with your GP or Medical Specialist as it sounds a great deal like anxiety?

I must admit that I get anxious if I have social functions and I do not have the energy to cope with conversation and mingling with people. I want to wish you all the best of luck and please have a very happy pain free new year.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Oh Lord yes. I wanted to go ut and stay in a nice hotel and get dressed up real snazzy for a supper nice dinner. Right. I still have my dreams, but no money, lol. Maybe next year I'll be pain free and able to stand up while wlaking through the hotel and casino where my favorite local hotel is.

Instead, we're hiding the dogs in a middle room so the fireworks don't get them all riled up, having a loaded pizza and sparkling cider, and satying up till one minute after midnight! It's not just age and panic, it's just being too tired to deal with it all. You are right, the chatting midlessly, all the drinking go on creating false happiness (I don't drink anymore), stahying up with friend who don't understand . . . no wonder you are so anxious.

My advice, if you can call it that, is to stay home and safe, watch the ball on TV, and just appreciate your real friends from afar. I will be calling a few close friends and staying cozy and warm here at home with my sweetie. My roommate is taking a taxi to and from a friend's house where she will get exceedingly drunk on her one day a year when she will eventually pass out from all the tequila. Ugh, I hated tequila eve when I did drink unless it was disguised in a Margerita.

Just be assured you aren't the only one. who feels as you do. I might bake brownies and wash them down with the cider and overlookt the weird comination. C'mon back on at MN and ring the bell!


Thanks both for your comments. I had a nice evening at home watching the tele. I will be bringing it up when I go to the hospital later this month. Enjoy the cider and the brownies clare yummy! Happy New Year!

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