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Just had massive panic attack. Thought I had them under control. How wrong I was!!!

Hi all

Feeling really low this evening . Two years I had swine flu with stomach upset which developed into a full clinical breakdown and due to some error with meds seritonin syndrome . Ever since then anytime my stomach got bad I would worry I was going back to that and suffer a panic attack...... Well obviously (since I use this forum) I have Fibromyalgia lupus sle and CFS/ME , I have done cbt to get a better understanding of panick attacks and depression and see a physciatrist too. Everything has been under control pretty much, apart from the odd minor panick attack...... Then tonight I had a upset stomach and that to me equals breakdown / serotonin syndrome. Crazy the way my head puts 2 +2= 3000

I have had stomach upsets mildly since the breakdown and been fine but tonight because I am feeling sick I think it's all getting bad again.

I am terrified of my mind and how after so much time I still can feel like I am loosing all control. Obviously with the adrenalin released during an attack afterwards you feel f#%^ed and very sore and cramped . So not only am I now worried that my anxiety is getting out of control again but also the fibro is playing up with cramps etc..... I always say if I was an animal they would have put me down long ago . Really fed up and VERY VERY scared ??????

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Hi Zforsyth, I don't know anything about serotonin syndrome, but I do know how awful panic attacks can be.

in the middle of one you need to be able to use your techniques, such as to slow your breathing, etc... this can be hard to do, but does work, as you have found before, I'm sure.

Like you say, you've had other upset stomachs and been fine.

Its not wrong to feel worried, but you've taken steps today - despite your panic you've dealt with it well by being able to write this post to share how you are - well done!

If you still feel it may be serotonin syndrome, or still have concerns, and need help tonight; ring nhsdirect [or the new number] or your gp's out-of hours service.

Let us know how you are.



oops missed out "when" before "you need to use"


Hi Sandra

I am ok again now. Just aching and still slightly wired so to speak. Now I am calmer I know it's not serotonin syndrome (its a serious condition can be life threatening , it was caused by a rare reaction to a clash of meds that I no longer take) I will mention it to my specialist just to make them aware really.

My husband talked me through it and knew to get me to do my breathing. So lucky to have him support me x

Thanks for the replie


just popped back,

I'm glad you are feeling better :)



there is a good book to read by dr rodger baker UNDERSTANDING PANIC ATTACKS AND OVERCOMING FEAR


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