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Anyone else suffering with panic attacks?

On top of Fibro I have chronic Kidney Disease, Arthritis, and am now suffering with panic attacks. I had my first one Christmas day 2 years ago. I was so poorly, just couldnt cope with the day. Tried to make it upstairs, by the time I made it to the bedroom I was in a full blown panic attack hanging out my bedroom window crying for help. I thought I was going to die.

I thought I had them under control, but had one in the shower today. The cubicle got steamy, I felt I couldnt breathe and it started. I hate Fibro!

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Yes u should try yoga breathing techniques


Hi I suffer with panic attacks too! Three years ago just before Christmas, woke up and was finding it hard to breath, by the time I managed to get downstairs I couldnt breath it was so scary, really thougth I was going to have a heart attack. Was rushed into A & E had all tests X-Ray found nothin at all, so then they said it was panic attacks. Since then if I get stressed which is easy having Fibro and all the hassel we go through trying to get peeps to understand our condition, or if I cry this will bring one on. They gave me a inhaler which I take, it does help a bit, but now if I just sit and calm down it will pass. Ann x


Hi Nanatre, I am glad you asked this question as it has made me realise I may be suffering from them too nothing as bad as you have experienced though I feel the same way in the shower when it gets hot and stuffy and have been wakening through the night feelong like I cant catch my breath properly I dont know if this is related to attacks any information would be greatly received X


hi i also suffer panic attack's luckily 4 me i got referred 2 a gd councellor 2 help we've alot of work still 2 do wth social anxiety an ocd which contributes 2 ma panic attacks.

he's givin me a few breathin techniques eg relaxation. iv also been adviced 2 put myself in2 situaton im scared off 2 test the techniques eg pubs an parties at other peoples house's which is difficult bacause i get scared round people i don't know an the cleanin myt not b up 2 code 4 me.

so the tool's iv been given is proper breathin, concentrate on object's in the room rather than worryin about the people failin all that leave the room find a pillow or towel an scream in2 it, it doesn't sound alot but the tool's an the pill's r helpin, i still get panic attack's but not as often as i did.

hope this helps abit id make an appointment with ur gp an suggest a therapy councillor x


I get them too , and despite having treatment for them, they do come back with a vengeance sometimes.

Just lately I've started having them when I go to bed at night- which is just plain daft ! I do the breathing technique ( or try to ) but if that doesn't work I get up and walk around. Saying the alphabet ( or a nursery rhyme ) out loud can also help ( you do get some strange looks but if you practice enough you can then do it silently ) , it focuses the brain away from the attack because it's repetitive and needs you to concentrate to do it .

I haven't managed to stop them but I can normally reduce the amount of time they last.




Have you had your meds checked as anxiety can be a side effect, leading to a panic attack. My opinion not knowledge, but worth asking your doctor about.

I have had panic attacks [mild ones] when put into a situation I have not been in before or have not been in for a long time. e.g. after the birth of my 1st daughter I had a haemorage which was really frightening. Anyway, after I got home I would panic just walking around the block with her as I was sure someone was going to attack me and how would I cope? How would I save her? This passed as I made small trips out down to local shop with someone until I could go alone.

Then I had trouble entering shops. I wanted to go into a clothes shop, but found the position of clothes both high up and all around me was just too much so I would have to leave. I sorted that one out by careful selection of shops and building up to the clothes shop.

Now I get them when I am going somewhere where there are a lot of people who may want to talk to me or worse don't! I agree to go and am full of the idea of going and then its the day and I can't bring myself to go. I make excuses and avoid it. However, my husband assured me that if I wanted to leave I could, anytime. He then gave me the taxi fare so I knew I wouldn't even have to find him. Helped me relax enough to go, and because I could leave, I didn't. Had a really good night. Loads of fun. Everyone either smiled at me or spoke to me.

So do keep trying. Waking having a panic attack must be awful. Not had those yet and hope I don't. But the ideas above on focusing on something may help. I used to tell my children if they woke with night terrors that it was the body just trying to wake them so they could go to the toilet. After that if they woke up, they just got up and went to the toilet and by the time they got back the dream was forgotten. Make a point of not thinking about it as you are an adult and likely to analyse it, which will mean you will remember it!

Also have a mobile by you at night and when you go out. Make sure someone knows you might call them in a panic and to talk to you, even if you don't speak, and to get help if you seem to be gasping - oh and make sure they know where you were going!

Really sorry you are having these, it must be horrible and scary, but do remember the more you worry about them the more likely is it will happen again. Small steps...

Soft hugs


I have foind my trigger to these panic attacks! My nose blocking. I know it sounds stupid but thats what it is. When I was trying to climb the stairs, I was crying when I got to my bedroom, crying makes my nose block, then I start panicking I cant breathe. I have got some nasal spray that I purchased, I have found it takes a couple of minutes to work, in which time I am singing in my head. This even stopped me going to my dads funeral a couple of weeks ago. I am broken hearted but I couldnt put myself into that situation of a full blown panic attack in front of loads of people. I am waiting on an appointment to see someone in the mental health department. I had a telephone interview and they have made an appointment for me to see someone this coming week. I will be ok so long as I dont cry. These are awful terrible nasty things. Gentle hugs xx


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