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Back to work panic attack's

Im trying to go back to work . Not Necessarily to a job i left when i was taken ill . Management is to stressful. But something i can just go in do my job & come out .

I've Been looking for months now I've bin told I'm over qualified ?? So ive changed my CV . Ive come of nearly all my meds to do this ouch ! But decided that because my ESA is contribution based an runs out in two weeks my husband has gon self employed & until the books are dun we have nothing to prove his income this year , so i will Lose my ESA all together we have a mortgage to pay so job for me it is . Plus to be honest i mis working & the thought of a long winter stuck inside wiring about the bills is the last thing i need for my condition .

The problem i have is i can't control my panic attacks . So yesterday i had a job interview my first one ! I was dreadful sweating palpitations couldn't breath then i was sick on the way had to pull my car over on the side of the road . I rang & canceled with som lame excuse . Not getting that job then !!

Has anyone got suggestions on something that will help . I tried looking for a class or something that will help but carnt find anything in my area . Other have a glad of wine or to before my interview & some how i dont think thats a good idea haha I'm stuck.

Any thoughts i don't wont to give up i really need this xxx Kuga

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Hi there haven't got a clue but Citizens advice may know of something so sorry I can not help with anything but maybe they might and if not know who might :/ gentle hugs and hope something may come along


Thank you xxx


Hello Kuga.

Good on you for wanting to get back to work, it does give you a life outside Fibro. Have you looked on the Internet for some interview technique courses? There are different options you could have a look at that would suit you.

Good luck.

Is xx


Thank you xx


Here are three questions that you should always try and ask:

What qualities are you looking for in the person you are hoping to appoint?

This may sound like a very obvious starting point but it is vital for both parties to grasp exactly what it is needed from candidate in terms of skills and experience. Remember the whole point of the interview is to prove you are the person that they want and are looking for. There is a much better chance of being able to do that if you actually ask the interviewers straight from the start what their ideal candidate would be.

What scope is there for personal development at your company?

It is important to show any prospective employee that you are the type of person who is ambitious and is looking to move their career forward. No one wants to take on an individual who is going to be content to coast and you need to show that you are not coming along just for an easy ride. Any ambitious and forward thinking company will be looking for like minded individuals. Ask a question which will give you give the chance to show just how driven you are.

Is there anything you have seen in the other people on the shortlist that you have not seen in me?

This is a great question to throw into the mix as the interview is drawing to a natural close. I remember a candidate asking me this once and I had to smile because it left me with nowhere to go. As well as turning the tables on the panel it is also a great way of gauging just how well or how badly you have performed throughout the course of the selection process. You should always be looking to improve and getting feedback from an interviewer is a crucial part of this. It is a risky strategy to take because you might get an answer you are not happy with. But if you are prepared to take a risk, then this final question is a gamble that just might pay off.

Try and speak to people that you do not know in a queue etc. It might get a funny look or at worse ignored. ( Do not talk to the person muttering he has a horse in his pocket) look listen at what they are saying. Old saying we have 2 ears 1 mouth use them in that ratio. it is a tough marketplace out there you may not get what you want but it might be the first step on the ladder of wealth.

Be Well



Hi Kugagirl

Have you considered working from home?. I used to be a senior manager, but now work from home. I love it as now I don't try to fit my illness around my job, I fit my work around my illness. If you have a computer and a phone, you can find work you can do at home. I take on any role I realistically think I can do and I now have clients in American, Dubai, Ghana and Australia. Doing roles as Mystery Guest reservations for international hotels, Telemarketing, Call Answering and Message Taking, Credit Control or good old Data Entry. It is really worth considering as you then control hoe much work you do and when.

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Thank you xx


Thank's every one that replied , i went to the job center & explained whats happening they have given me some one to help me fill in my application forms & ive got a meeting with a job & Carriers adviser next week there going to help with interview scills aswell as tweak my CV so fingers crossed xx Kuga


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