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It is 4..22am and I am i so much pain with the upper part of my abdomen and oesophagus.

The rumbling and groaning won't stop,, I haven't had any digestive problems before and this has all just started recently. I've been suffering with real bad rib pain and bloating for some weeks now,, i'm finding it so difficult to lie down,,, I'm dead beat and wish I could just get a few hours sleep.

I'm using antacids and peppermint which do seem to help the stomach a bit.

Have an appointment for hospital on 7th,, wish it was tomorrow!

I'm now wondering why I am even writing this but,,,,, well I have it typed now !

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Hi RayB

I am so sorry to read this and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the problem. I had a similar experience just before I was diagnosed with Fibro. (My GP at that time) told me to wear a truss as my stomach was coming apart (and it really looked swollen). I was also given Ranitadine on prescription. I went on to eliminate certain food stuffs from my diet such as lactose and soya as it turned out that I was intolerant of them.

It may be worth discussing this with your GP as it is very unpleasant and they can rule other issues out of the equation? I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Go see your GP sounds like you need proton pump pill a day will sort your problem. I suffered like you for years and got prescribed omeprazole and no longer suffer.


I remember having gallstones ( not what you have I realise but the pain is in the same region) and for some reason the horrendous pain would start at 3am....on the dot nearly every time! It would build to a crescendo leaving me rocking and groaning in agony. The only pain killers that helped were codeine phosphate combined with paracetamol, and frankly I think they only helped by putting me to sleep! The GP came out to give me morphine a couple of times too. Pain at night seems so much harder to deal with. I had my gallbladder removed and would often llie awake anticipating pain, which of course never came after that!!! I can really empathise with you and suggest you ring your Dr and get some urgent treatment rather than waiting in this condition. Hope you feel better very quickly and get things sorted. X


I knew a lady who had similar issues and ended up having some sort of surgery to keep the gastric juices where they belong. I sure hope you get relief soon! Have you tried ginger tea? I generally use peppermint too---love peppermint hard candies for tummy upset. Can you prop up the head of your bed or make a cozy nest on the couch? How about a heating pad on low? or even a couple of ice packs? I have had to use both at different times. Used to sleep with a heating pad that turned off every couple of hours (hated that part), but it helped comfort me even if it didn't make things go away completely. Ice packs on the ribs. Definitely not a fun time you are having. I send you hugs!!!


You say you are using peppermint, it can make it worse I love mints but I am afraid to eat them ,Get some Gaviscon and use that until you see a doctor ,I take that four times a day plus other med's I get from the doctor which Hospital prescribed. Hope you feel better soon .x


Gall stones ?

Hiatus hernia ?


Hi RayB

I did write a long post on how I have had much the same at start of my FMS journey. But it was on the stoopid tablet so I gave in and switched on pc. Anyway, I avoided pharma meds concerned that I would end up on a battalion of them...avoiding till I had to. I used natural remedies which were very effective. There is heaps of info on the net if you plug in natural remedies for reflux, gerd or gastritis. As the others say you must see GP to rule anything else out. Digestive problems are so common with fibro...basically a sluggish metabolism. Often the the thyroid is compromised in fibro too resulting in slower thyroid output, and that alone will upset what was once a robust digestion. Try to keep your system more alkaline with e.g fresh lemon teas and chewing fennel seeds. A dash of bicarb in water can work wonders too...can be very musical. Good luck


In a flare you can have all kinds of

different symptoms! I have bloating

off and on and acid reflux which is

new. Hope you feel better soon!

Let us know how you make out X


Thank you all for your thoughts.

I have been thinking of the possibilities and looking at the probabilities and me thinks I am not getting upset. It is only 7 days until the hospital appointment so I am not gong to go bothering the Dr in between.

The antacids and peppermint seem to be holding things a bit but as one of you described " Very Musical"

I have made much nicer music in my day but what can you do!

My thanks and best wishes to you all for the coming year.



Sounds like IBS ( irratable bowel syndrome). I have been in your shoes. See if your doctor can give you some benytl it helps with pain, also put a heating pad on your pain. It helps to soothe the pain. And if you try to do some meditation they have progressive relaxitation on the internet. If you can relax with meditation instead of tensing up it would help with the pain. I know pain well. I deal with chronic pain. Hope this helps!!!


Yes, heat pad on tummy is good. Revs up the blood/circulation and helps calm inflammation. My old doc said hot water bottle and very fizzy drink first aid for bad tums.


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