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Fibro with depression

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Long before my fibromyalgia diagnoses I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. I have a lot of different problems. This last flare of the fibro kept me in bed for several weeks. I didn't see it coming but now I'm dealing with the depression. I have lots of resourses to help me with the depression. I'm just wondering if anyone else has problems with both? I feel really isolated just now. I have taken antidepressants and mood stabliziers and antianxiety drugs for years before my fibro. I am told by so many people "just snap out of it" those people have no idea what depression can do to people like me. I know I'm rambling on, but I just wish for a day of normalcy. If there is such a thing. And by the way I AM a christian.

12 Replies
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Hi krazy-girl

I am so very sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering so much with both Fibro and depression, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

I do not think that I have depression? That might sound a strange thing to say? But, when you are in so much pain and so ill for so long then it is difficult to imagine that you are not depressed?

My Neurologist and my GP want me to consider that very issue, so I am going to start seeing a counsellor and gauge their opinion on this matter? I am a happy person with a wonderful life apart from my illnesses, so I do not truly have an answer?

I was wondering if you have spoken to your GP about some counselling? As this may help you with your depression? There tends to be a waiting list, but it may be worth the wait?

All my hopes and dreams for you


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krazy-girl in reply to TheAuthor

Hi , Ken

Yes I am in counseling. I have been on and off since 1991. I also struggle with ptsd. I currently have a very good counselor. I trust him a lot.

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Shanpa69 in reply to krazy-girl

Hi Krazy-girl

I just wanted to send warm hugs to you as I can totally relate to your current situation like yourself I have suffered with depression for many years and more recently severe anxiety . I have recently recieved a diagnosis from my doctor that I could be also suffering from fibro. I am now waiting to see a rhumathologist but feel nervous and anxious what the outcome maybe.

All I can say that some times when people have not experience something like depression it's easy to say snap out of it ,if it was that easy then you would not be depressed remind people that you don't want to feel like this but like other conditions it's an illness and some support and understanding would be for more rewarding. Take care of you.....

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queen-of-bedlam in reply to Shanpa69

My heart goes out to you. I think we may be in the same boat. There are many websites that provide support and info about fibromyalgia. You should be able to find some good suggestions on how to deal with others and having an "invisible" disease. You're right: some people don't understand something they haven't experienced. Not everyone is like this. Truly compassionate people can work to understand the unfamiliar. Best of luck!

Also, there are apps for smart phones that provide support for people with fibromyalgia, chronic pain,dedepression, anxiety and more.

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queen-of-bedlam in reply to krazy-girl

There's a specific therapeutic technique that has alleviated my ptsd greatly. It's called EMDR. Sounds crazy at first but it is amazingly effective. Check out the website EMDRIA for a qualified therapist.

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krazy-girl in reply to queen-of-bedlam

Hi queen-of-bedlam, I do do EMDR with my counselor, this is the first time after years and years of "talk therapy" that my memories don't rule my life. They are still there, but they are'nt my life now. They are "in" my life. A lot of difference. The EMDR has worked for me. First time something has really "worked" for me.

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queen-of-bedlam in reply to krazy-girl

hi crazy girl, i'm so glad you found a counselor to do EMDR. i really know what you mean: memories "in" your life vs ruling your life. it has made a huge difference for me. over the years i have gradually worked through so much re: my ptsd. it's like peeling layers of an onion. take care!

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Yes,I can relate to this, I have had depression for many years, sometimes I think I was born that way! But take one day at a time,and you WILL get better and be able to "manage" it. I have learned over the years that there are some days when I just have to go with the flow, and realise that it will pass. Do speak to your GP about the way you feel,and ask to speak to a counsellor ,it really does help,to talk it out and understand it. Take care, gentle hugs.x

I can relate to this. I have had clinical depression for many years before diagnosis of fibro. I also have osteo, rd, sjorgens and ruptured achilles. I am really low at the moment and cant get a gp appointment for 3 weeks. I lost my job through ill health recently and think it is just starting to hit home. I had counselling through work before I left which helped a little and I did mindfulness course through what is supposed to be pain clinic. My gp practice makes you self refer to counselling and there is a long waiting list. Because I am not at work I feel I am becoming more and more recluse as I am slowly losing contact with my friends but this site helps me. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

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I too suffer depression and anxiety, have many "dark" days, so you have my sympathy. You have to feel "sorry" for the ignorance of other people's attitudes towards depression.....I do...that in itself makes me lighten up if only temporarily. I keep a "positive thinking box" like a memory box but full of things to make me feel I have to fight the depression. It is full of my babies wristbands from birth, their childhood photos, my wedding photos, holiday snaps of me laughing etc. Now my grand children's photos and even cut out jokes or luscious cakes and food I love, try it, it works for me and maybe will for you too!

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hey girl--i'm so sorry for you. i've been20 years with fibro--i also am bi-polar for 33 years. i have found if you take a certain antidepressant it puts the pain on the back burner ----- elavil works for me--always has. my children are all bi-polar and i think we are all delightful.---normalcy--not--this whole jurney is life and lessons. i always have to think back to BUDDHA and one of his quotes--HAVE A GOOD DAY UNLESS YOU HAVE OTHER PLANS

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Thank-you all for your words. I now don't feel so alone. We all need to hear and share to help each other. I had a bad migraine this afternoon. I have to see my psych nurse tomorrow. Hope she can help me. Maybe "tweek" my meds.

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