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Poem I made up years ago

I am fed up of all this hurt

I lay here tearful wondering

Why life won't give me a break

Do I actually deserve all this

One thing after another

It never goes away

All I want is to be free of

This pain and tiredness

Everyone has to suffer me

But why should they

I wish people would understand the pain I'm in

I want to be happy and full of life

But I can't see I ever will

Things will never change.

At least in bed I can sleep

And not feel the pain

Until another day begins

and it starts all over again

What joy

What a life

Can I say I was feeling really down when I wrote that, did two others two, didn't know I had it in me. Not so down now and not been for ages but my pain is getting worse now and getting fed up with it and it made me think of these poems. Hope it doesn't depress anyone. Just wanted to share it.

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Thank you for sharing - You know there will be a lot of us who understand where you were at that moment! I am gad you are not that bad at the minute and I wish you a happy healthy weekend.



Thank you for your poem littlejan you express it well,

Will you add it , and your other two to poetry corner please?


hamble :)


Will I need to retype it.


no hun, click "edit" and there is a box saying "category" click that and select "poetry corner" from the drop down list, then submit.

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you are now in Poetry Corner! thank you :)


I find that a courageous poem with a lot of reality in it things we don't like to admit to but always at the basis of our efforts in our day really glad I read it and hope your having a better day it has to be more doesn't it it has to be . look for all the things that warm your heart . xx


Encapulates how I am sure we have all felt at some time. Wonderful poem you certainly have a giftx


Thank you so much for sharing this with us all it is really honest and apt.

Hope that you are well today.

Ken x


thaks for sharing this poem it is really honest and apt you are very good a poetry will check poetry corner for your other two poems. gentle hugsx lilian


You nailed the bugger well.



Thank you all, but I'm no poem, couldn't do it again these days, just a very down time, people have asked me to put the other two up in poetry corner that I did ages ago, so I will go do it now.


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