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If it's not one thing it's something else

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I am, to put it politely, a large woman, and I have areas of neuropathy (numbness), one of which is my lower stomach, which my lovely GP calls my 'skirt'. I cant see it, but I know there is some unusual swelling. My carer is off sick, and my daughter is coming over in the morning to help me shower. And now I am bleeding, not seriously but quite a lot. I would really like to go to bed and just sleep. I am getting really fed up with all this. I try so hard every day to just keep going. Is there anyone out there with a rational frame of mind, I just wonder what on earth am I supposed to do now? Chance of getting a dr. to come out and take a look is too close to zero, and i'm not too keen on that idea anyway. I cant in all honesty call 999, not an emergency, and if they come all they can do is cart me off to A&E, on a Saturday night. Oh no,no,no. I am not capable of putting a dressing on it myself either.


12 Replies

Hi Tulip,

Are you still bleeding and do you know where its coming from? When you say not seriously but a lot, what do you mean by that?

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I crashed out last night, not bleeding too much now, and my daughter is on her way, see what she thinks. thank you. Tulip :)

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I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and if the bleeding does continue or gets any worse it may be best to ring somebody such as an emergency doctor (even though you do not want to). Or you could ring 111 and explain everything to them.

If not, please get your daughter to have a good look at this tomorrow and let her take some action on your behalf. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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thank you Ken i fell asleep in the end. my daughter is on her way. :) Tulip x

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My Dear Tulip I know exactly what you are talking about :) I have tremendous problems with area under my skirt,

It is awkward to dress and to stop bleeding when the skin is so fragile.

I wipe with baby wipe and then I put a good slick of Sudocreme on . It is calming antiseptic and so gentle. It does help bleeding to stop. It stops the soreness.

I do hope this helps a little. :)

The things we have to put up with it also happens under my bosoms nasty!

Take care


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exactly! my carer helps me shower/+cream. I can do under breasts. i cant do under skirt or my legs/feet. the hotter it gets, the worse it gets. i have a wet room, lovely to just sit under the shower and cool dow. i also have electric fan bedroom and lounge. i crashed out last night. just spoken to my daughter, she's on her way. i have creams and dressings so we can hold on 'til surgery opens tom.

thank you gins. keep up the good work, you're a star! :) Tulip x

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Hi Tulip,

I like you have this issue, fortunately not often, it is basically a sweat rash, I mainly get this in hot weather, I do as Ginsing does when really bad, but if I can catch it early stages I find talc is good I use The brand Simple, as no perfume etc in it, ( I have allergies to petfume) helps to dry it & it feels silky before it bleeds once bleeding it needs the antiseptic cream like sudocreme, I have previously had a prescription of Betnovate from the Dr, so even if you can phone your Dr's surgery or even the pharmacy to put in a special request for Betnovate, saves a Dr having to visit, I hope the suggestions are helpful, best of luck, hugs xx

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tulips123 in reply to honor1a

yes very helpful, thankyou. i do have a carer who normally helps me with these things, i struggle with these things on my own. my daughter is on her way, trumpets calling as we speak :) Tulip x

Hello Tulip,if you are concerned then please call 111 for advice.you say you are unable to put a dressing on the area that's bleeding so its not internal bleeding?i agree A&E on a Saturday night is to be avoided if you can and you wouldn't want to go if don't need to but you do need to see a doctor.111 have advised me to go to A&E in the past.

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in my experience all 111 say in any event, you need to see a dr. i think they do need to cover themselves just in case. i'm housebound, mobility is poor. my daughter is on her way, i'll see what she thinks. thank you for input, always appreciated. i just crashed last night, feel better this morning, still loosing small amount though. Tulip :) x

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Hi Tulip, I hope by now that you have got this sorted and are feeling more comfortable. Wishing you well, Mags x

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Yes I am, thank you. My daughter came up this morned, cleaned up, managed to find a dressing for it. My GP is due Tuesday, but I think I will call Community Matrons' office tomorrow for some more.

I appreciate the kindness and support from this website so much. I wish you well too. Tulip :) xx

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