Two massive easter eggs brought me off neighbour ...omg im dieting???

Well im in shock i cook my elderly neighbour a hot meal ...he in his 80s but its no problem for me..he just handed me to giant eggs...but i cant eat im been so good...but them just looking at me going to donate them...any ideas.please...i didnt want to say no too them as i didnt want to affend

Sods law i aint brought one scrap of sugar for 7 weakness is chocolate..HELPXXX

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  • perhaps a local hospice would like them to add to any raffles they are doing or respite homes for children ... I could go on.

    And I love chocolate and just cannot give it up at the moment so good luck to you - you are doing really well :-)

  • Good idea compton hospice never thought of that brillant they will have to go soon...the temptation is to great for me...they are calling my name...over and over eat mexxxx

  • Glad I'm not the only one who hears chocolate calling, donating to a Hospice is a brilliant idea xx

  • Yes im gonna get in a real fix....lolxxx

  • Funny that - it seems to be calling me too :-)

  • Unfortunately my slimming group wanted to donate unwanted easter eggs to a local children's hospital but weren't allowed to as some children cannot eat chocolate. But that is not to say you couldn't offer to donate them as a raffle prize. When my husband was in our local hospital a few years ago you couldn't get past the friend's of the hospital without buying a raffle ticket. I am sure chocolate would go down very well!!

  • I have successfully raffled all sorts for children's respite homes local to me and at work we collected Easter eggs for out local children's hospital. I wish you luck with this - let us know how you get on :-)

  • How lovely that he appreciates the things you do for him, but don't give in now, how about the children's ward of the local hospital or as said hospice, or you could give them to a charity shop to raffle and the money go to their cause, I love chocolate but it gives me migraine, so. I Have to make do with sniffing my OH chocolate bars much to his annoyance. LOL. 😃

  • Yes your right if i knew anybody with children id willing give them...ive put them in spare bedroom out of sight...for now i will...find a good home sure...just shock of two eggs...and to be honest havent thought of chocolate for a long time...but its mind over matter... but its tough going as i do love chocolate especially cadburys which they are....arrh well i can admire the wrappings lol......

  • Well ive had a hippcupp ive opened one...but in seven weeks sod it...i new i would thats why i dont buy it in...BUT I GOT TOO TELL YOU IT WAS DIVINE....ONLY HALF LEFT.....but its in there ive decided to give the other to the first person i see tom...bye eggxx lolxx

  • Aw never mind you enjoyed it, but forget about it now and carry on as you were, get rid of the other one a as soon as possible 😃

  • I knoe i have given the one away todayxxx lol better do it as i would have gone in for round two


  • Well done, Carry on the good work 😃

  • I have a definite weakness for choccy too! Please try not to open the second one x

  • Haha, how about leaving a note asking the postman to ring the doorbell and giving it to him?

  • Any childrens hospital would be grateful as would all the children. Good luck to whoever you donate them to !!

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