Sooo glad went to the GP today

As i mentioned a while ago, i waited over two weeks to get a list of my ailments, well, the list wasn't complete.

Saw the GP today, and as adviced by many on this site, took a list of things that have been bothering me, like my tightening tendons. She said she was glad i'd come as she was going to ring me, about the list i needed.

Well upshot of it is she's going to write me a letter including my ailments, and stating how much i have deteriorated and how much help i need, so that i can include this in my DLA claim form.

She's really angry, that i have to renew it, as because of the nature of my illnesses, i will continue to deteriorate.

hugs to all


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  • my doc said the same last week xxx

  • Thats good news for you Sharon, except the deterioration bit. Good luck with your claim, Angela xx

  • Its really good to have a good GP behind you



  • glad it went well and that your gp is behind you ,makes all the difference xx

  • I know it helps that she has always said that we need to treat each symptom that i get individually, not just lump it into fybro. My partner keeps trying to get me to transfer to the docs on the next street but i'm reluctant as she knows me so well


  • if you need more help you may be entitled to a visit off the OT to access for any equipment you may be entitled to free.

    hugs poppyxx

  • Glad you have a good Dr supporting you,makes life much easier xx

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