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Does anyone get upper arm ( where your muscles are) pain? I am new here.But I was wondering about this with my fibromyalgia I haven't been bothered with bad pain here especially in the evening? I have to take tylenol and a muscle relaxer to get any relief. I also do self massage and use a heating pad. I am a sewer and maybe this is triggering it I don't know. Any feedback?

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  • Hi krazy-girl

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun! I have pasted you a link below to our mother site FibroAction which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    FibroAction Website:

    I am not a medical specialist but I can easily imagine that sewing is a very repetitive hobby / occupation and this could lead to your pain? It may be worth discussing what is happening for you with your GP or Medical Specialist? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I would avoid anything repetitive for a while. Give yourself a few days without sewing and see if that helps. Avoid ironing. I had had to have monthly steroid injections. This month I am able to miss them. It helps stabilising your arm in bed with a pillow. Deep Freeze Cold gel is good. Good luck.

  • hi I'm on 90 mg of slow release morphene and same at night and a liquid motphene to top up and loads of other pain killers mine started with arms but now its everywhere and have to use a wheelchair a lot I've been diagnosed for 4 years but have had it longer so I really do understand well I hope yours gets better hun I'm sending you a hug x

  • hi, i do get pain in my upper arms up to the shoulder. I do crossstiching but some evenings I can't do it because the pain. In my case the shoulders and the neck used to be my bad parts. Now the upper arms and elbows are the worst.

  • Hi welcome to the site, sorry to hear you have trouble with your arms!

    I think it would be fair to say that any repetitive task where we hold our hands in one position can encourage the pain in the muscles.

    Sounds like you do everything already I mean warm wheat bags, muscle rubs, pain killers, rest when bad and gentle massage is brilliant.

    Have you had a good look around the site, there is such a lot to see. Do read the regulations they generally just basic but good idea to familiarise yourself. Please feel free to join in any stream that is occurring we love people to take part - feel at home!

    Any questions the administrators are usually available.

    Have a good day



  • I have pain in the tops of my arms it feels like they're in a vice. It can be quite excruciating and it is to do with the FB. Don't stop the sewing it won't make any difference except to make you depressed if you stop.

  • Welcome. I have pain in the backs of my arms that feels like burning and as if I worked out way past my limit. Of course this can happen at any time regardless of what activity I do. This is when I know its time to take it easy, set aside projects, and just rest. *hug*

  • I knit & crochet so after I've done a lot my arms do ache & get pain in muscles but it could be a flare up take a rest from sewing for a few days see if it eases I think we get all sorts of new pain as we get older too I'm getting more n more as I've got ton older I've had this fibro for 18/19 yrs now but I try to keep ontop of it I only take tramadol but as I've had them for well over 12yrs now I've been trying to reduce them gentle hugs sent xx

  • I get pain and weaknesses in that area,so that as well as no strength it also feels as though my arm socket is being stabbed with a knife.I find that keeping the area warm gives very slight results. I am being prescribed tramadol and paracetamol although this doesn't touch the pain. I have sympathy with you as this particular area of pain is very debilitating and I have often dropped things because of it. I also do sewing etc. Although not as much as I would like and I do not believe that this causes this area any extra harm. Wishing you some relief to this.

  • Hello, yes I get pain there as well, I am a Photographer and find my Wrists, Elbows, upper and lower arms ache after I have been editing on the computer. I have found supports made by Mueller and they really help, I have a set of Mueller HG80 supports and they are fantastic, very expensive but they work for me. I have the ankle, knee, lumber, wrist and elbow ones and they allow me to carry on working during a flare up or when the pain starts after working for a while. Welcome to the forum by the way.

  • Hi Moriarty, I have never heard of those supports before, but I have just googled them and they look very good. Which one do you have for the elbow? I get pain above and below the elbow. Thanks

  • Hello Hedgerow, I have the HG80 elbow brace, they are great, if you google Mueller HG80 brace (then whichever part of the body you want) you'll get lots of hits back, they do one's for all your body parts, im saving up for the shoulder ones at the minute. The added bonus with these supports is that they keep the joint warm, they are designed specifically for illnesses like ours, i've got them for every part of me that plays up (except the shoulder) so when im wearing them all I feel a little like Batman! haha.

  • That vision made me laugh! Thanks - ill check them out. Anything that helps is worth it!

  • I also have pain in my upper arms and shoulders and sometimes my neck . The muscles get tight . You may see if someone will gently rub the tense muscles in your neck and shoulders . That would more likely help the upper arm pain . I sew as well . So I know you are craining your neck quiet a bit . FMS / myfacial pain causes a lot of pain in strange places it seems like . Or sometimes my lymph nodes are a little swollen and it will cause upper arm pain . If that's the case I would suggest a warm bath and if your having alot of muscle pain. Adding some Epsom salt and lavender goes along way for me . Also make your bath relaxing . I usually listen to some relaxing music or read a book . Try not to strain your neck . Try just to relax. I hope this helpful . Sending a hug . I know FMS can be a real pain in the neck lol.

  • Hi and welcome to the site.

    I get really bad muscle pain in my arms, particularly the right one. At its worst I feel really incapacitated as arms are pretty important for most tasks! My arms become really weak and I drop things - broken quite a few glasses, plates etc! I found trigger point massage helps significantly ( I just bought a book about it and do it myself), and recently I have been experimenting with acupuncture, and a tens machine. It's scary to imagine that type of pain, which seems to result from the muscles going into spasm, might spread further. I get enough other pains in joints and nerves etc, but this is particularly worrying as it affects the use of my arms. Ah well, even writing about it is distressing so I think I shall go and get in a hot bath!

    Best wishes, Hedgerow.

  • Hedgerow same here

  • Oh and have your vitamin D checked

  • Hi welcome to the site,

    You could try physiotherapy, this has helped me with pain in different areas of my body over the last few years. All the other things everyone has suggested help too, heat ect. Take care. X

  • Hello there,

    Welcome, and sorry to hear you're having this problem. I often wake at night and feel as though the whole of my arms are burning and aching. Sometimes a heat pad helps, strangely, as the sensation is one of heat and pain. Other times I have to resort to painkillers, I always take a muscle relaxant at night, but this often isn't enough. Best wishes MariLiz

  • Hi,

    I suffer arm pain, twitching & hardness in muscle (gland?) areas. Have a Google for Fibromyalgia pain points as you may be able to relate that to your pain areas. X

  • Since I was diagnosed with both lupus and fibro. of course to top it of I dislocated my left shoulder about a year ago which only makes matters worse. I could only lift my arm a quarter of a way. and my right arm hurts like it's been set on fire and being pulled right from it's core of the muscle.. every time I even attempt to pickup something or turn my arm I live with a nasty moment of instant regret of why? did I just pick up my key? or that bag i can't even throw a ball, or go swimming of course the doctor tells me it's in my head and I tell him it's up his a.. . With in mind I am so drained I don't know what else to do or what else I could take for the. Help me

  • Hi & Welcome - it's fair to say that knitting etc does lead to the pains you talk about (just as sitting for periods to enable you to do the above does). The 'moment of regret' which you refer to doesn't though. It reminds me of having to have shoulder ops on both. I'd just reach to open a window and regret it - It's worth chasing. See a different Dr & tell them what you mentioned here about your keys. Hopefully it isn't - but you need your pain acknowledge by a sensible adult.

  • Hello I have terrible pains in my elbow, and recently I have been getting pains in my shoulder. I sometimes put deep heat cream on, also I have a neck cushion which I can heat up in the microwave. It helps. Karen xxx

  • You can get pain in all different muscles at different times with fibro. I have had fibro from being a child and used to get it in my legs now I get it everywhere. I knit and find because I use my arms and hands in the same position I get muscle spasms in my hands and pain in my arms. I couldn't apply Heat because that would make it worse because I over heat with pain. I use arnica gel which is cooling, doesn't contain any chemical ingredients and doesn't smell. It's brilliant!

  • I get upper arm pain most of the time, the muscles feel fatigued as if I've been doing some sort of endurance activity. I notice this was mentioned earlier. I like to make greetings cards, an activity that I've taken up since the Fibro struck. My arms do get very sore so I have to pace the activity and make sure that I have breaks in activity after about five or ten minutes. One think I have learned is that if they begin to become unbearable then I have pushed myself too far. I used to compare what I could do prior to Fibromyalgia to what I can do now, that was a path to misery and I have come to accept that I have Fibromyalgia and it's not going away so it's best to live with it and get along at the new speed. A lesson in patience and kindness to myself.

    I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone but having joined this forum yesterday I find that I am not alone and up until now I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand hot wraps during flares. Like Paulaw22 I over heat with pain and find the simple act of bathing so good whilst in the water but so painful when drying oneself. The consequence of this is my head becoming wet with sweat by the time I'm dressed. It often seems so counter-productive. I will give the arnica gel a go, anything that gently cools has got to be a winner. Thanks for the tip.

    Kindest regards, Ginny :-)

  • Thanks to all for your suggestion.

  • You get pain in the muscles you use - you could try a magnesium spray to help release sore and cramping muscles; you could also try a hot bath with epsom salts or magnesium chloride flakes in it.

  • Hi Krazzy-girl,

    I have the same problem with you, but its getting worse, so i went to the hospital A&E last week, got cortizon injection, suppose to help me, but some reason it did not have any effect at all, this afternoon actually UPS gentleman delivered just a normal parcel in a plastic bag, I carried it and my husband took it immediately of me as he was so excited- I was in agony and scream - I nearly passed out - so my husband was so terrified to death he thought that he has done something wrong, I told him - it just my right arms its so sensitive... he hold me and we sat down for good 30 minutes before I could manage to feel normal again, so he then called our gp, I am going to see our surgery tomorrow to have it check,perhaps another referral to the hospital again.

    We do not know what the cause of it, I thought it was frozen shoulder, I am not sure how long after the injection I should be able to feel at ease? I wonder if any one know about it?

  • Hi, fibromyalgia is muscle pain mostly, so any of your muscles can hurt. When I'm having a bad time with it, even my eyes hurt, but it's not actually my eyes it's the muscles surrounding my eyes. There are muscles everywhere in the body, therefore, you can feel pain everywhere and anywhere. I can remember when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I was in the rheumatologists waiting room and I picked up some leaflets, all of them said that fibro was not arthritis, I had had 4 operations for just that-arthritis! However, although the consultant said that I had severe fibro and that it had gone mis-diagnosed for a years, I could have kissed him! I thought that I was going nuts, but i wasn't I just had fibromyalgia. I say just in the best possible way! xx

  • I have really bad pains in my upper arms and also others parts of my bones at different times, but mainly in arms and the sides of my neck. I have put this down to my chemotherapy for CLL. This Fibromyalgia you mention is new to me and I thought I was on the CLL site. The pains get me down I hope I have not got this fibromyalgia the symptoms seem to be like the ones others sufferers have to deal with from the posts I have read. That's all I need Fibromyalgia and CLL!!!!!


  • Anything you do that is repetitive will cause pain in your arms and sometimes top of neck, You may not know it but to do these jobs, we tense our muscles and over time of course we bear the result. I used to work on a computer and use the mouse lots to get around the screen with the job I was doing at that time and yes it caused me a lot of pain to the arm and fingers that I used because we tense our muscles although we may not be conscious of it at the time. Repetitive strain it is known as and you need to give it a rest for a while, heat pads are helpful but pain rubs work too. I take it that you already have a Thyroid problem for which you are being treated, but if not ask your doctor for tests to be done, as muscle problems often start in the arms in the early stages of underactive thyroid problems and spread if untreated.

  • I have suffered with pain in my right upper arm since I fell on it 5 years ago. The doctor said I bruised my muscle and was given exercises to strengthen my shoulder muscles by the physiotherapist but they haven't helped. I had the symptoms of Fibro when I fell but hadn't been diagnosed then so I wonder if the fact that the pain is still there is due to Fibro.

    ps regarding your sewing I suffer the next day when I do a lot of knitting.

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