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Weakness in arms and hands?

Hello, my pain can move round or be all over in flare-ups. I had a bad period where my shoulders down to my hands flared up. I would wake where all my tendons and muscles were raging in my arms and across my wrist with hands swollen and in pain. I have notices for a long time now that I am losing strength in my hands and a couple of my fingers have no strength in them at all (I can only carry light weights due to pain in elbows). Can anyone give me insight on what is happening? Thank you.

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Hello again Reflections, gentle hugs.

I'm afraid it's all part and parcel of having fibro. your tendons are weakened from the pain hence the loss of strength. I've been suffering like you from long before I was diagnosed - dropping boiling kettles over my daughter when she was a youngster - pots of stew across the living room carpet - the list is endless - my hands shake now as well - my elbows and wrists - especially the right ones are worse so far - I'm a Gramma to an 8 month old and I cannot carry him properly and fear I'll drop him! It's all so frustrating and jolly well not fair we are all suffering so! :-(

Just be careful as you go sweetie.

Carol xx


Hello again Carol, I've been dropping things also (but not the heavier items - the lighter things). My goodness how scary. This feels like a nightmare. Some of my fingers have no strengh and my right arm too is more prone. It makes me realize even more to keep the pain away, somehow. I feel for you. Thank you Carol for sharing this. Reflections


I feel for you too Reflections!

I struggle with anything these days - heavy or light - I shake so much sometimes that a full cuppa tea has slopped all over the area I'm in - And boy! I die off embarrassment when it's happened when in a cafe!

In the past I've wondered what would we do if we lose control of our hands and fingers completely?!?! - I try not to think about it too much as I'll end up wasting my life dwelling on it - And so I mostly see what each day deals out to me and play along.

Fibro is a heck of a scary thing with how it can get at us as it does. I find that apart from pain meds, keeping my hands and feet warm can be a great help - I ALWAYS wear bed-socks all year round - and on cooler summer days I will put central heating on in the evenings. - I feel the fibro more-so when I'm cold and when the weather is wet and cold. I assume all us Fibromites find it the same also?

If only non-fibromites could spend just one day of our bad days as we do - I wonder if they'd see how much it is NOT our imagination!

Take Care,

Carol x :-)


I get worse when the weather is very cold or very hot. Thank you for your words. Take Care. Julie


hi Reflections

i am sorry to say it seems to be a fms trick.. It effects me too i cant have heavey mugs of tea or open jars .. hope it will settle back down and become easyer for you again xx weather and odd stresses all add to the joy .. look after yourself gentle dyslexic hugs xx


Hi Reflections,

If you have swelling and pain in your hands and wrists, you need to see your GP., as that is not Fibro. You don't get swelling with Fibro, it's one of the things that defines it from other conditions.

Make an appointment now

good luck, kate


Hello Kate,

The swelling is in my hands (not wrists). There's a book written by a Specialist for Fibromyalgia from the London Pain Clinic, which confirmed swelling of hands as one of the myriad of symptoms of FM, the contradictions we sometimes comes across are interesting - do you remember where you obtained this information from? I will not be making an appointment with the GP on this. Thank you for your concern though.


hi yes i have the same problem i also have carpal tunnel which weakens my hands too so heavy weights ae a no no and my grip is oing too , i wear splints on my wrists every day i got them from my local physio dept they have meytal bands in the they do help but dont cure love diddle x


Hi Reflections, I use cooper infused gloves when I have flare ups. The compression with the cooper infused really helps. I notice the change immediately for about a day or so after I have been wearing them. I love the relief. I still have the weakness, but no pain...I hope you try this, I believe you will feel better. The product is offered in many areas of the body...hands and wrists, elbows, foot/ankle, knees, a shirt and shorts. I hope this helps you and others here. Good luck and live with hope. God bless!


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