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Pain Clinic will they help?

Sorry all I seem to do is ask questions but I have another one. The problem is I don't know anybody with this condition.but here goes

I have just got an appointment through for the Pain Team Clinic for next Thursday

I am scared about going ( I do have depression and anxiety as well) and to what will happen. Can anyone tell me how the pain team work. I am scared they will reduce my pain killers without giving me something else. Also can I ask them about the other things that are happening to my body, being stiff and joints swelling up, bright red feet, legs and hands and blue motely skin, both of which is not connect to temperature .

Hope someone can help. It's the pain team in welwyn garden city

Thanks for reading


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Hi Caroline,

I went to my pain clinic and like you, I was very anxious. I was offered to do a pain management course and told I could try it with no hard feelings on either side if I decided it wasn't for me. I found I was given info on pain control and actually given medication suggestions to ask my GP to prescribe.

And yes, you can ask them about other health symptoms. I was astonished to find how much was related to the Fibro that I thought was totally unconnected.




There are two types of pain clinic there is the side that deals in pain management I was turned down for that as they couldn't manage my pain ... My fault I am allergic to so many meds and have arthritis so the exercises were out my GP sent me to the other one which deals with injections to relax muscle spasms that cause the pain and that works wonders for me .. So if you get there and they can't help you go back to your GP and see if the other side of the pain clinc can.... Never give up there is always something out there...

Vg x


Thank u all so much, I am going to have to puck up courage and go to the appointment in a positive mind set and hope for the best




It seems there are different styles of main clinics. Most seem very good, and some seem not so good (like mine!).

They were very helpful as far as listening to all my woes, giving me advice about meds, pain control and working out a pain plan, so hopefully yours will be a good, positive experience. You will be fine. They are trained to deal with people like us so don't worry.

Just keep calm and tell them what they need to know, I'm sure they will help you.

Good luck xx


Hello Caroline, Please do not worry I have been under the Pain Clinic for many years depending where I've been living at the time. I'm actually in hospital at the moment after having a procedure this afternoon unrelated to Fibro, but I'm staying in over night as I have no one to pick me up and be with me for 24hrs! They have a pain management programme but not forced to go on it unless you want too. They are very good for giving you medication where your GP may not want you to have it, I wanted to have a Morphine Patch for my Fibro, my GP said no but my pain specialist gave it to me to try and 3yrs later and on a higher dose I've found its been a godsend for me and has eased my pains a lot. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Take care Aisha x


Hi Caroline, when I went to the pain clinic I was first seen by the psychlolgist who had a reai interest in how stress (from childhood through to present time) affected me in all sorts of ways, also interested in how I cope with the pain. I was then seen by the physiotherapist who checked out my level of movement and also checked to see how many of the tender points I had out of the 18. (Ljke a lot of us I have all 18). Then seen by a doctor who has a special interest in fybromyalgia.

She spoke to me about different types of medication and how they all work. I was then given a prescription for tramadol. I was then booked in to see a pain nurse roughly every 4 weeks who checked on my progress.

I am now on butrans patches 20mcg. I have now been placed on the waiting list for the pain management course ( the 6 week one).

I have found the pain clinic helpful and supportive. I really hope you have a positive experience. Let us know how you get on.

Sorry about the rambling, I probably shouldn't have had my husband's homemade tea wine! Lol. Becky. Xx


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