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Yesterday I wrote a post on her about being put on esa. This morning I was supposed to see the disability advisor at the jobcentre but I didn't feel very well and so had to cancel it. When I phoned up they asked my what benefit I was on, when I said my first payment was for esa I was told that I had been put in for jsa so I am confused over exactly which benefits I will get.

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Have there been any letters that would help clear the confusion ?


No I just got a letter yesterday saying your claim for employment and support allowance has been paid into you account. There was no other information saying why they had paid me this money.


I was going to ask about the paper work, why did you think it was ESA?

The money can come through sometimes a lot quicker than the paperwork. HMRC have agreement with Post Office that they will deal with their letters when they are not busy and obviously this is not a good month for that. Sure other departments have the same arrangements.


Hi bluejeans16

I am so sorry to read that, and it does sound rather confusing. I really hope that you can get this sorted out. I was wondering if you have asked them for written clarification of the situation?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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hi ken. No I haven't as I will have to ring an 0845 number. I am going to see the disability advisor next Wednesday. I will ask then if they know what is going on.


Hello bluejeans, the DWP are not always right, Look at the bottom left side of the letter, there will be two sets of numbers, these are the guiding line. If you ring them again, quote these numbers and the date, they should be able to track the letter and the information in it.

You may well receive another letter confirming it. ESA took over from Incapacity Benefit and Income Support, so if you were on either of these due to your health, then you should get esa, from either work or support group.

If you are still confused, just step back, and wait for them to contact you, but in the mean time, take it easy and rest, ttfn Karen


As I said in my reply to ken I will ask them when I go to the job centre next week. I am just greatful for the money at the moment, it meant that I could go shopping yesterday as the cupboards were looking as little bare.


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