last week i got the brown envelope saying the usual thing id been turned down for esa and dla which i thought right im going to fight this ! then low and behold in my mailbox yesterday was two brown envelopes one with a letter saying to get anymore esa i need to send a docs certificate asap .............the other from atos medical asking me to fill in a medical thing on how im feeling etc....................what the hell????? has anyone else had this?? and what do u suggest i write ? i dont think the french who have been given the contract to our buisness know what there doing!!!

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  • i no what id like to put but we all cant lol.

    so sick of the dammed system.dont get me started.fight fight thats what were doing.

  • so so true and ive been keeping up on here just how were being treated its disgusting , have you had the same thing happen?? hugs alex x

  • Never had this myself Fairytails, maybe a phone call to them to clarify my help. Thats if they are any more efficient on the phone than they are with their correspondence!!. Hope you sort it soon though, love Angela x

  • Hi alex, am really wondering if they know what they are doing, surely it's not rocket science to get departments to talk to each other in this techno world.

    Maybe a phone call MIGHT clarify things a bit.

    am wondering if you need to send a med cert in as one is about to run out and that is a reminder..who knows??!

    Re the esa/dla...fight that as you've got nothing to lose and all to win. just another aggravation we have to put up with.

    Atos, or A..tossers lol, well what can i say about that one, been there, don't get me started, have put some very venomous posts on here about them!!

    fill the form in, no option really, what a tedious experience and can be a bit upsetting having to write it all down. there is some useful info on here. Put down the info on your worst days, got to keep your wits about you i;m afraid.

    hope you get sorted out, keep us posted

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • hello yes i called them today and the lady said that i hadnt been refused as the letter said the esa is still being prosessed ( evidently one person doesnt know what the next is doing!!) so i have to send the certificates off and the medical questionaire and also shes going to send me the form to argue the toss on the dla! i can certainly understand the posts that some people put on here about the so called system now PRETTY DIABOLICAL!! i have to say ! so will keep all up to date on how it all goes! oh and i called my docs again today hes booked for the next two weeks!! again left confused as the receptionists tell u you have to call on the day and they cant book ahead!! what a mess this country is ! hugs xxx

  • Good luck Fairytails, hope it works out well for you xx

  • Hi alex,

    well that's a start then and some confusion cleared up.

    Ref the could be at my surgery they trot that one out regularly!!

    hope this little piece will make you smile ....

    "I found a book in the doctors waiting room well hidden and full of dust, it said thou shalt not phone for an appointment unless you ask god first, if you cannot find god there, then you may speak to his second in command... the angel gabriel ...angel of war, otherwise known as the receptionist. Do this at your risk......... hope a little humour will brighten up your day"

    system is a shambles ..totally. Talk about system overload, think that's why they keep messing folk about, to give themselves breathing space.

    Good luck, i sometimes felt like i was p***ing against the wind, but you just have to brace yourself and persevere.

    chin up and crack on lol,

    take care

    Jan xx

  • hi and thankyou that made me definately smile!! are u in crawley then?? would be brilliant if you were we could go in battlegear and get passed the receptionists that way!! hugs alex xx

  • Hi Alex,

    No in Grantham Lincs, They tell you they've got no appts..this week and can only book a week in advance, so phone in next week and there will be, oh all the appts are booked and the COMPUTER hasn't released any more yet..gggrrrr. Well when will they rbe released...of throughout the day...drives me insane. And all this is a premium rate number!!! seems some of the surgeries nationwide all operate the same system...we've got appts, but NO you can't have one. Then you get the third degree from the receptionist,,well what's it about, is it a new condition?? Got f**k all to do with you love, you're a receptionist, not medically trained as far as i know so just give me an appt and shut up...all with a very sweet smile lol.

    haha, well got that one off my chest lol.

    Keep us updated

    Take care

    Jan xx

  • so funny made me laugh its just the same ....and you could be me with that answer!! i said to one receptionist once its personal and she paused and said well i cant help you if i dont know what it is!!!! just goes to show that they are nosey some of them!!;) xx

  • they really do make me cross with their attitude, my mum went in with a very personal prob and a nurse had really hurt her and made her bleed...oh what;s the problem...i'm not prepared to say in front of everyone..well how can we help then??!!, just let me see the head nurse and speak to her..flat refusal. eventually saw someone the next day and they were furious at her treatment, thankfully she got sorted and a good job at 82 she could stand up for herself. shame i was in Oz at the time or i'd have caused a riot.

    Not as if the info is on a screen in front of them is it??


  • well, what you've said doesn't surprise me one bit, Fairytails. Atos and the ESA office are like wayward toddlers running off on their own agendas! Who knows what these people are thinking!

  • its scarey i think that these morons have any power at all!! lol xx

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