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now seriously confused!!!

i wrote a post a few days ago saying esa had been paid into my bank account. This morning I have had a letter saying jsa has been paid into my account. Surely they are not going to pay me both! I will go for a massive xmas present shop now. I thought I was going to have to cancel xmas this year as I was completely skint. If they ask for the esa back after xmas so be it.

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When they take money back it is no more benefits until you have paid them back. Same as the tax man wants the money now but will pay back what he owes whenever.

Spend the money and be worse than skint when sanctioned in the new year no thanks.

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surely if they ask for the esa back I will only have to pay them that and as it is only £38 it won't take long to pay that back.

I still don't understand why they have paid me both. I suppose it is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing


Your right it would not take long paying it back they would take it out of one weeks money then have you argue for instalments because you have nothing.


Hi wonderful news about the ESA. If you go on the CAB's Advice Guide site on the internet and look at the section on Getting PIP table of passported benefits it will show you what benefits are affected if you get certain rates of PIP and in certain circumstances JSA can be one of them.


Hi rosewine I have no idea what pip is. I am knew to all this. I will have a look at the website and if i am still confused I will ask about what benefits I will be getting next week when I go to the jobcentre.



I think you would be best off getting to the bottom of this... then go shopping


Ethically and morally you cannot keep what isn't rightfully yours - so I'd ring them ASAP to clarify. If all ok, then enjoy


Hi bluejeans16

I genuinely hope that you can keep both lots of money! But I would ring them and see what they say first? As you could end up broke after xmas?

Good luck with the money, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Ken x


I have got to go to the job centre on wednesday i will ask them then


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