Hi everyone, I wrote on here a few weeks ago as I had sent in my ESA50 to transfer from incapacity benefit to ESA , and was to be reassesd what benefit I was to now get.I received a letter advising me that my incapacity had been terminated!but I have never received any letters or telephone calls explaining anything. I called the jobcentre plus and was told they have to cancel one benefit before they can transfer you, and was told my claim was being processed..The Operator was not helpful at all, so I have worried for the past week wondering what was happening to my benefit money. Anyway I went to the post office on Friday and my money was there exactly what I had been getting on Incapacity. But I have still not received any letters or had any telephone calls., I dont know if I am in the wrag group or the support group. Is this normal practice when changing over, Should I just leave well alone.

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  • as long as some money is going in, I'd give it a few days before you call them.

  • Thanks, Sandra, its a worry when you feel like you are being messed about. Think I will leave it for now and see if I get a letter in the post. Bit wary to phone in case they have made a mistake. Just glad money was there.

  • hi Jayjayboy, this did happen to me, they phoned me and told me i was going on esa from incapacity, the lady was helpful and told me i would be getting a phone call from the job centre to arrange a interview from there you will go to another interview with ingenus or similar, they will tell you you would make a great employee, good luck and just wait for the phone call

    regards Druss

  • Its not often I "stick up" for the benefits people, but I do know that this Cancellation system before awarding another benefit is correct. It will also mean that they have received your ESA claim and I do not think you have to worry. Have you had an assessment carried out for the ESA

  • Hi. No I have not had an assessment carried out,I have not had a telephone call or a letter. I have not had any correspondence at all. That is why I was worrying so much. I phoned then and was told that my ESA was being processed.

  • When I had a review and Atos medical for my IB I had no contact to say whether I was still going to get IB or not. I phoned in desperation as I was worried I may not get anything. they never let you know as far I as know. ha ha

    I will be assessed again soon, and I'm dreading it. I know they will say I am capable for work, but I am not, as I do voluntary work and just about cope with that sometimes I don't.

  • i would just be thankful that you have your money ok, im sure they will let you know sooner or later, i think many jobcentres are under huge pressure but they wil get around to contacting you.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I will just be grateful that I am still getting my money, and wait and see if they contact me.

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