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Having a day from Hell

We'll its MG on her soap box again, Having a really bad day with Fibro and my backs in bits. Since I got the letter to go for a medical re my ESA benefit, things cannot get much worse. I went for medical at doc's re my diabetes my blood pressure was sky high which is usually pretty ok as I take medication, Then I get a phone call from doc's blood sugars sky high. So now monitoring them 6x a day plus my 5 injections 11 pricks a day, wonderful and they start off not that bad but over 10 1st thing but by the time it gets to the evening they are in the 20's. Didn't think I could feel any worse but I'm feeling pretty crappy. Then my mums had a fall hurt her knee, hubby taking her to hospital, going to focus on making sure mum ok. Soz for ranting only way I can release things because I could scream, thanks for listening.MG

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Sometimes you need a good rant. Sometimes to never seems to rain but pours.

Hope your brolly keeps all the major leaks out. Best wishes to you and your mum.

Take care.


Thanks nedd


Bless you hunny :)

Rant away we're here to listen :) grab a fluffie cuddle couch and a cuppa and try to relax while your mum is being fixed. The stress is making you quite poorly isn't it?

I'm sending some healing fluffie cushions scented with lavender to help calm and soothe you :)

Take care and hope things settle back down real soon for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thanks zeb funny you should mention Lavender I've had a heated hot microwave bottle arouund my shoulders for last hour which was lavender. I am now feeling a little less stressed and a bit more relaxed, after a nap. My son took me to Mum's this morn. She was having a visit from Fall assistant team this morn, I wanted to be there. Pleased to say they are sorting her out with different things to help her about the home, they agreed she needed to get knee checked. Feeling a little less worried about her, Hubby taking her to hospital with knee in nxt hr hoping prognoisis not to bad, Thanks for the healing MG


Hello MG sorry that you ars having so many problems and illnesses all at once. I hope that things will soon start to improve for you. hugs sue xx


Thank's Mayrose trying to be positive, thinking there is always somebody worse of than me. Self pity isn't good, does help posting on here nice to know people are listening that makes you feel your not alone. MG


Awww bless you. These days we all get and I know that is easy for me to say and I am not in your shoes but things turn themselves around and you must try and calm yourself down. A mug of hot chocolate (only if you can tolerate it) or a cup of your favourite drink and just sit close your eyes and concentrate on something nice.


Thanks Beth


:-) :-) :-)


Hi mgclassic

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I sincerely hope that you start to improve as soon as possible. This is a horrid illness and to have to inject yourself on a regular basis must be completely awful. So I genuinely understand your need to release all your pent up frustration with everything that is happening to you.

I genuinely wanted to wish you luck with your ESA medical and I sincerely hope that it all turns out really well for you. If you ever want to have a good moan, just keep posting and I promise that I will always read and reply.

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x


Thanks Ken, Life is so fustrating when you'd love to do things but the mind's willing and the bodies not. I find posted on here is a great release for me, not wanting to burden my family and friends. I'm always making out that things ain't so bad, then bottling it up and crying alone at times. Thanks again for listening it really does help MG


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