Fibro fog!!

I seem to suffer a lot with Fibro can be quite funny most of the time..well its either that or cry.. a few examples over the past week...went shopping last Friday morning with my sister, my friend called in the afternoon to ask if I needed anything from the shops I said..i better come with you as I have nothing in..even tho I was exhausted and in off we went and done the shop..returned home and opened the fridge door and there was lot of food they which was quite a shock soi phone my sister up and asked her if she had done shopping for me and put it in fridge while I was out shopping,of course she told me I had done it with her that morning, I now have a vague memory of it but that's all....My daughters school phoned yesterday to ask if we were attending the year 11 workshop (for GCSE revision) that evening. i said do you mean year 10? she said no year 11! so i said well my daughter is in year 10, after some discussion i realised she was right ;-( not sure where this should go!!

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  • Foggy by name, Foggy by nature, so you have my complete and utter understanding on this. I make mistakes, midd appointments , turn up for things that aren't happening, you name it I do it.

    If it wasn't for keeping a sense of humour about the whole thing I think we'd go under......keep the grey matter churning if you can.......but then I never has a brain in the first place........lalalala :-)

    Foggy x

  • Well that makes two of us foggy, I think I sit on mine, or so I'm told, ...Dee x

  • Well 3of us. a month ago I turned up for an app't a day early felt such a plum :o plus constantly going to do things I've already done and not remembering the things that I haven't and sometimes the words will be in my head but gobbledegook comes out of my mouth when I speak :o


  • my p.a. came tuesday evening to help with my shower.

    I said "Asda's brought my shopping, will you throw it out for me please?"

    thankfully ,she knows me well, and put it away instead :D

  • LOLOL :)

  • Totally understand where you are coming from... I always laugh and make a joke of it when the wrong words come out of my mouth. This always seem to happen when I am in a stressful situation or when I am trying to do too many things at once. I guess this is the same for all of us.

    I have an enormous calendar pinned on my kitchen wall where I write all my appointments so I can keep checking what I should be doing.... I also make lists for everything .... a list for shopping ( have to remember to take it with me!) , a list of things I want to say when I have an appointment.

    It also helps me to make a plan for the day, so that I don't overdo things , but also leave some spare time for "emergencies". I am hopeless at "doing things on the spur of the moment" and have to make sure everything is well organised in advance. For example, I have already ordered the turkey for Christmas!! Not a great one for surprises! :) xx

  • Hi just read post I do lists but forget where I put them now I started on this forum it's saved my sanity I thought I would have to get a priest in as we may of had a spook but no there's lots of us doing the same thing forgetting dates and so on

    Let's have a get together and see how many turn up or remember I for one don't no lol xxx

  • Oh my goodness, it's so great to know that I'm not alone!!! I get worried sometimes that I'm completely losing the plot! My most recent one was earlier this week when I went to run myself the afternoon bath I'd planned on taking to ease the aches only to suddenly realise (due to the clothes I was wearing) that I had just had the bath!! Unbloody believable! :)

  • Arrrh,the dreaded fibro fog.As I've been so ill for a while unfortunately the fog has increased and I spend days in a dream world where nothing makes sense and I struggle to think what I need to do and to remember things.Its like dementia I think and makes life hard.But yes I do try to laugh at it especially when it makes me say silly things or I put things in silly places :) x

  • Hi everyone. I'm newly diagnosed at age 29 after suffering extreme pain in various parts of my body for the last year, mainly my hips. Its only since being diagnosed that I heard of 'Fibro Fog' and the more stories I read, the more it sounds like me! I'm just glad I'm not losing my mind like I'd thought I might be! I'm a clever Woman but I've honestly felt like my IQ has done a runner. Its been quite funny to be fair at points with some of the stuff I've done and said, but also very frustrating. I never connected it to my pain so now I'm half glad I have a reason for it!

    Hope to 'speak' to some of you soon, Sam xxx

  • I often get my words mixed up or unable to remember what word I need, until very recently (about 2 weeks) I always got very stressed and panicky when it happened. I always worried what other people were thinking of me. I've decided that its no good getting stressed if its going to happen there's nothing I can do about it, and its made it easier to deal with (I even laugh sometimes)

  • Hi Lucy, I completely agree with your new mindset, don't get panicky, just make a joke out of it, I do it all the time and friends and others know I don't always make complete sense, but then maybe I never did, so I just laugh it off to the best of my ability. :-)

    Foggy x

  • I'm with you on this about laughing off fibro fog. I was always thinking that other people were thinking I was mad or stupid, but i spoke to hubby about it & he said I was being paranoid - there's no way I could tell what other people were thinking. Even my kids hve said things like that to me - just laugh it off - no one cares, everyone's got their own probs to deal with, so don't spend time worryng about what others might be thinking about you - theyre prob too busy thinking about themselves to worry about you.

    Julie xxx

  • Glad I'm not alone (is that selfish?) i have a very GSOH anyway, My partner and my daughter laugh along with me, but can be annoying when someone say something to me expecting a reply and my mind goes blank or i say something totally unrelated to what the person was saying :-) but i don't care anymore

  • It's not selfish to be glad you're not alone. I've been alone with fibro for 20 years and only now do I find I really need to talk to more people who understand it and to not feel so alone. I'm so glad I found this forum because everyone is really nice and, most importantly, can put a smile on someone's face when they're feeling low and understand how it feels to be inside fibro.

  • I have it too. I was at work yesterday and went to do something but completely forgot what it was. I do panic when it happens at work as my boss is not the nicest of people

  • Laughter is the best medicine so they say! I try to make a joke of it. Im a bit of a joker anyway so luckilly it just seems like another gag to everyone!

  • bottle of squash in one hand,

    empty glass in the other,

    cold water pouring from tap -

    I know I've come in here for something!

    can't remember what!

    so put it all away, turn off tap and exit the kitchen.

  • I had an episode ony way to work, I ride a bike and had fibro fog starting, it's weird I felt I could do anything like fly on my bike with ET sat in my basket !!

  • o im soooo glad im not the only one i thought i was getting dementia! i can be talking & half way thru a sentence & just forget what i was talking the same on the phone too which is really embarassing!i forget what things are called eg.. my husband was going to do a bit of shopping,i asked him to get some of those things with green leaves i meant cabbage.or i get thing the wrong way round like put the cupboard in the biscuit! i laugh it off now.i can never remember what i saw on tv either the list goes on & 0n lol

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