My turn for a moan

Went shopping yesterday only one supermarket, not much shopping .It took me an hour thats what comes of being stubborn and not using the electric scooter ,but I hate them only one speed , very little control and handles too far forword for me, I end up in agony in my arms hands neck and the whole of my back So I struggled to walk round. Now I hurt every where already mentioned plus both feet are so swollen they look like pigs trotters hips are painful and fatigue that bad I can barely walk and keep falling asleep .even my bum hurts when I sit on it and my skins on fire. Now my finger tips are going numb. oh well lesion learnt and maybe tomorow will be better well thats got that off my chest....sue

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  • Oh dear Sue, you sound in agony, I hope you feel much better tomo or is it today already :-(

    gentle hugs

    Mazz xx

  • Oh Sue I do so know where you are coming from, I avoid using mine as it is difficult getting it out the car. So I proceed on crutches,they help when you are trying to wait for omething but still go home exhausted. Have a good day today xgins

  • Oh sorry (((((sue))))) hugs of soft healing fluffies and a recliner of softness too :) xxx

  • Oh Sue, I do hope you start to feel better very soon, it's so easy to overdo things and then you end up paying the price :-(

    Foggy x

  • Pacing ourselves is so important says the therapist ....... I can never seem to get it right because - Every little eventually hurts.

  • No nor me I seem to hurt wether I do anything or not

  • You may be could do your shopping online next time. I know it costs for delivery in most places but sometimes you can get free delivery vouchers.

  • I use aldi most of the time, Its cheaper and not so far to walk round but I do need to go to sainsburys once a month becouse aldis tined and frozen food tends to be high in sugar .2 diabetics in the house That is why delivery would not work I need to check ingredients on every thing and being on a tight budget have to look for bargins. For instance I buy cooking bacon £1 but I do have to make sure its not all fat They were also selling beef at half price by being there I could go through them .and find a long thin joint that I could aford and cut into 1 joint, 2 packs diced and 3 steaks 4 meals for the price of one.. but I do appreciate your sugestion..

  • Thanks every one pain s a lot better today the problem with pacing is that I would never go any where or do anything.So I guess Ill put up with it. Just sitting relaxing in the peace and quiet after a visit from daughter, son in law and 3 of their 4 kids. Its not the kids that are noisy it s my 2 as soon as they get together they go back to being kid s.....hugs to all ....sue

  • You did very well and nice to mee t you by the way. My days of going out and doing anymore than one small bag full are well and truly over with one thing and another. But I never give up trying. All fibromites are the same, we never give up

    hugs xxxxx

  • One doctor on u tube reconds thats why we get fibro in the first place. We refused to rest after an op illness or other trauma. I know that it could be true in my case Ive pushed myself to get back to normal after every op or. major illness ive ever had and still keep pushing....s ue

  • I see your point with the shopping. I get my husband to do most of ours,

    I agree with your post above. I have had several major ops on my hips and when i was younger, i just wanted to go back to work, i paid e price on one occasion, i did too much walking after i was on one leg in crutches, then when i was allowed to use both legs, there was no stopping me until the metal plate put in my hip snapped in half! Leaving me walking in a severed bone. It wasn't like a broken bone, the top of the hip joint was cut off and turned around to fit it in what socket i had, which wasn't much. The whole joint was reformed and pinned together. I was young and didn't care then. Luckily i wasn't in so much pain despite several major ops, but now I'm paying for it. Sadly the ops left my leg shorter each time and over the years made my spine curve and all of this added to the pains i now have. Coz they have no proof of what caused all the pains they just call it fibro!

    I guess we have the condition in common with each other, but how we got it, there must be so many different reasons. I guess thats why its so hard to find the right treatment/help. Xxx

  • My neurologist and I traced mine back 25 yrs to when I had to have a trachiotamy to clean my lungs and chest caverty out due to pnumonia ,which in turn was brought on by a misfuctioal nerve in my gullet causing food to end up in my lungs. after the op it was straight back to normal. Hubby could not have more time off work leaving me with 2 kids the house work and my cantankerous old father to look after Rest what rest? I think that I am very lucky Ive had all that time with only mild symptoms of fibro .Add that to a brain hemerage , a virus + fibro flair that caused multple organ failure and a stroke and its great to be still here....sue

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