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feeling angry and frustrated.


Does anyone feel like they want to be left alone all the time. I live with my parent and keep wanting to shout at them to go away and leave me alone. If I am on the computer talking to you lot and my dad walks in the room I feel like he is spying on me.

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All the time, Yesterday was a quiet day hubby was out with a friend. so except for a short time when the came back for a cupper i was on my own.

Then on the evening when son came home. He was chattering about his day. Both of them were laughing and joking and i just wanted to be left alone with my lap top.

Hubby also told me that our daughter, son in law and the 2 brats are staying with us over christmas. And there was i planning on a quick visit to them on then home to rest.

I love them all to bits but i cant stand the noise and i wont be able to be left in peace.

Hugs sue xx

I think it's because we all feel that we are being judged all the time on how we are ,even by sometimes our loved ones , I think I am lucky that my children used to struggle to keep up with me and realised how frustrated and upset I get know that I can't do what I want :(


I have just found this Quote,"I dont hate people. I just feel better when they are not around"

Charles Bukowski.

Me to a tee.

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what a brilliant quote!

I do find certain things irritate me now which never used to. Both my husband and I have lap tops and I am happily sitting here reading your guys posts and replhying if i can and he is playing a card gave and I can repeatedly hear him clicking his mouse and it is like Chinese torture to me but it is his way of relaing if he is tense so I don't like to moan but in the end it is me that ends up tense.x


Yep, Feel like this particularly at work when colleagues come out with "helpful" suggestions for Fibro, .............x

Hi all. Glad it's not just me. I don't feel like it at work just when i am at home

They are just so concerned about you and they are lost as to what to say or do. Just remember that it is out of love and you won't feel as guilty when you retreat into your cave. My husband and daughters know that when I go upstairs in my bedroom to be alone, it isn't because I want to be away from them, but because I am overwhelmed and I need quiet to recharge my batteries.

Hi bluejeans16

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling this way, and I must admit that I do, from time to time, feel the same way. It may help to explain to them how you are feeling and seek an agreement from them that you can have some time and space to yourself?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

I also want time for myself and find it very frustrating if the house if full of noise especially his hi fi if playing anything with string instruments.

You could turn this around... As my OH is out at work all week and often several different shift times, it can be such a lonely world!

Some weeks i can go a whole week week and the only person to talk to for a brief few seconds, is the postman!

If you 'feel' you are being spied on, why not just ask. Maybe he is just feeling like coming in the room, but what you see as him 'spying' on you, could be that he is just checking what you are doing so as not to disturb you!

If you have nothing to hide and he genuinnely isnt disturbing you, then whats the problem?...... There's also another way of looking at this, I'm being very presumption on this one, but I'm guessing its his house.... Therefore, his rules and he can go in whatever room he likes!

I'm just taking on board what you have said and really tried to be positive about it.... Apologies in advance if you dont like my post, it isnt meant to make you feel bad or offend, I'm just looking at things differently.

I dont have many phone calls as a rule and when i do i hate them, but i happened to get a call yesterday from someone i hadnt spoken to in over a year. I was feeling very low.... Maybe they knew, who knows, but afterwards its made me feel so different. Ok they havent changed anything or done anything, but they are one of these rare people that have this calming influence over everything :) i think a little rubbed off on to me :) xx

Hi bluejeans16, I was just wondering how old you are. My son is 15 and is what I would call a computer addict. No matter what he is doing, whenever I walk past him or go into his room, he immediately closes his laptop. I have repeatedly told him that I am not concerned about whatever he's doing, plus my eyesight is not that good enough to see his screen anyway! I know how you feel about being given your own space, and I think you need to get your Dad to allow you your space and privacy. He may own the house, but you need to be able to be able to at least get him to knock. Before just barging in to your room, it's what I do for my two - Daughter is 18 and away at Uni now, but when she is home, I respect her privacy -if her bedroom door is closed I knock to check it's ok to go in. When I used to live at home and working, my room was my space, the one space I could close my door and have be myself and have privacy. Now that I have fibro, I now need that space more and it is respected and protected. Me and my children, and Hubby too, all have our private times and place. I think you need a discussion with your family about it, no matter about who owns the house. Good luck and gentle hugs, Julie xxx

I seem to be the opposite as I am alone practically all the time unless my daughter pops round. Most of the time I would welcome the company but it is also nice to have some quiet time as well

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