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Feeling very unwell

I know it's way past bed time, but I am home alone and feeling horrible. The pain is so bad I really don't know what to do with myself, it feels like every bit of me is in pain and on top of that due to new tablets I am lying here feeling so sick and I think I am going to be sick tonight. It just makes me feel very low and what is the point in carrying on if I am like this?


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Hello Carolinee71

are you still awake love?

I have just read your profile it's no wonder your in pain

Do you still feel unwell love ?

I think Drs and nurses who have nt been on morphine think it's a wonder drug not that we could manage with out it but it can't always get rid of most of the pain

I have gone to A&E before when I felt like you do

I have also rang 111 GP out of hours

Or if it's eased I contacted my own GP in the morning

If you want to message back and talk more I will be awake for ages yet at least an hour

I am worried about you love as I have been feeling like you do even though I have different things wrong with me PAIN IS PAIN love squeak ps if you have anyone you can phone it would be a good idea I'm sure they won't mind xx

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Thank u so much for your kind words,and yes you are right pain is pain no matter the cause. I finally dosed off at about 3 pm only for our kitten to wake me up at 6. I am feeling a little better, the nausea has calmed down so have no longer got my head over a bucket, the pain is still there is still bad.

I hope you also got some sleep and fingers crossed u r still asleep.

Thank u again


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hi again Caroline

I don't want to interfere but I really think you need a chat if not a home visit by your Dr .if you ring early I know they can help you as I am worried about you being like this all weekend .I hope your resting. Thank you for your lovely message if I'm awake in the middle of the night which is a given with fibromyalgia then if I see a message like yours it touches me and I have to reply as I really have been to similar place .your lovely message helps me as it means me being awake is n't pointless if I can help in a little way

love squeak xx

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Hi love I'm feeling every bit as bad as u love iv been on and off here all nite,doubt if il sleep now feel so rotten and in pain ,still off balance wondering if it will ever ease up,so glad of this site,it's a good lifeline when u live alone


Hi, thank u for replying to me , and yes this site is amazing when u r all alone during the night. Everything seems harder to deal with once it us past midnight and you have been trying to get to sleep for a couple of hours. I was lucky and did fall asleep at around 3 am, and thanks to the kitten was awoken at 6 with him, starving and ready to play!

I really hope that you too were able to get to sleep too

Thank u


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Hi Caroline just want you to know that I am thinking of you and will say a prayer for you. You will feel better, you see.

Love Marguerite9 xx


Hey Caroline

Am sori to hear you are in pain!

What medications do you take? I suffer from fibromalagia following chemotherapy. My pain has been controlled with buprenorphine patch, paracetamol & dehydrocodeine for breakthru pain & amitriptylline @ night.

You might to ask your doctors to review your analgesias

All the best!!


Hi thank you for your comments, it was really kind of you. This community is amazing for support and advice .iii

, I developed fibromyalgia a couple of years ago, and I am at a lost as to why i got this horrible illness. I now take 40mg of MST twice a day, along with Pregablin 75mg AM and 150mg at PM and have Oramorph for break through pain. I normally take this twice aday. I do take a whole handful of drugs for depression , high BP, and RLS / PLMD I would love to stop a lot of them but I have tried in the past, and it didn't end very well. .

I just would love to get rid of this pain but as of now I haven't been able to.

I just really hope that today will be a better day



Hello Please don't feel sad. I know the pain can be awful, but hold on there is always another day. Do you live alone. I do but have a dog too. However, my dog does hurt my arm when I take him for a walk. I have also a man friend who sees me every night but we are not married, even though we have been together 14 years. He still lives with his mam and dad. I often feel down and think I have the shorter end of the stick, as my job I have hurts me. Also, even though I know I should not feel resentful towards him, I do as he pays no bills and his parents run around after him taking care of all his needs. I lost my dad, and my mam is 93 who I do so much for. Today I will not get in the house until after 6, and I know I will be exhausted, and be in so much pain. However, tomorrow is another day. Keep going the best you can, we are all fortunate to have this site, it helps so much to talk xxx


Hope you are feeling better this morning. Sending you hugs.


Hope you are feeling better today. Looking at the replies so many kind people on this site. x


Hi Caroline 71,

I've been on and off Morphine and its a great drug if you can tolerate it. Please don't feel alone and give up on yourself. The lovely people on here and yourself are the strongest people I know. The battle may still be ongoing but you will win the war. it is awful when the pain just gets too much and the frustration hits you. You are an amazing person who deserves to feel better, whatever it takes. Have you got family around you to support you? I hope so, but if not, we are here for a chat. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, as I actually had a good sleep last night.

Blessed be. xx



I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so alone at this time. I heart and my thoughts go out to you. Hopefully you are feeling more like your usual self now? Good luck and please feel free to message me if you do not feel too good? I will always answer as soon as I get online.

Take care

Ken x


Dear Caroline,

I know exactly where you're coming from. As chronic pain sufferers we do not live, we exsist. Sometimes we feel what is the point in waking up to another day of pain. But we have to stay strong and don't indulge in any thoughts of ending it all, think of the people who love you, leaving them behind would be the worse thing you or any of us could do. I not only suffer chronic pain, I also have P.T.S.D. Bi=polar, D.I.Ds and multiple allergies which make my stomach destend to the point that I look 10 months pregnant, this can happen 4-5 days a week. I use to be 47 kilos at 4ft and 10inches, and now I am 70kilos due to allergic reactions and being on prednisone and anti-phsycotics. But I keep going. I love to write and have found a new hobby in quilting. I can only do 1/2 an hour a day of quilting, but it is something. Please just have a great big cry, but promise you will not think about killing yourself. I am not going to tell you that things will get better, but they do change, whether through the right meds or something else. I will be thinking of you now Caroline. Take one hour at a time.

Your new found friend



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