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After feeling so much better in myself which I am putting down to me drinking Aloe gel, I went back to work after 6 weeks off ( I only work term time) my knee swelled up on the first day, and my feet are so painful, I'm now thinking it's my safety shoes at work triggering this off! I went to my go who told me it's wear and tear! I'm 33!!! I have previously had a scan on my knee? Apparently nothing wrong with it! Then why does is swell and become so painful! The gp gave me ibruprofen gel! Just so frustrated feel like no one is listening to me!!!!

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What is aloe jel gotta ask lol xx


perhaps your knee doesn't require an op to fix it, but it can still have the wear and tear the gp mentioned. my knees are "fine" but can still swell and get hot. I also have trouble with the soles of my feet swelling and going a lovely shade of red!

I find arnica gel patted on achy bits helps, they also do a bath soak that you can add to a bowl of hot water for your feet. (pm me for the details).


hamble :)


I hope I don't need an op too! Lol! I already use an aloe heat gel, on both my hands and feet oh and back ! Thanks for the reccomendation though



Hi Sarahs23

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much with your knee, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I was told when I was about 25 that I had Arthritis and wear and tear in my knees (long time ago!). The Ibuprofen that they gave you should address any swelling as it is an anti-inflammatory? There is no easy answer to this unfortunately but I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you ken, I suppose I just want answers, x


I feel your pain! Sorry to hear how frustrating it's been for you. Doctors can be a nightmare they don't realise we know best lol

I have been to the minor injuries that has a fracture clinic within the A&E various times and they won't even xray my ankles, knee or foot because there is no bruising. I'm going to take it up with my rheumatologist though. My idea is to right a long list maybe a book ha of symptoms. Educate him a bit on my condition.

Maybe try to do the same. When my knee sweels I find the exercises the fracture clinic gave me help and a tuba grip. If at anytime you get to rest prop it up with a pillow keeping your leg straight. Sometimes I use a gel pack that can be used hot or cold works wonders on my shoulder, knees and ankles.

Try not to let it get to you the frustration gets me down sometimes. Better to let it go and realise they just can't get it.

Wish you all the best and well done for working hard despite the pain. We're all warriors :)


Thank you for your words. What is a tuba grip? X


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