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Swelling with Fibro?...

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I was just wondering if anyone else gets swelling with their Fibro? I have searched the internet but can't find anything to suggest that swelling is a 'normal' symptom.

I have swelling mainly between the joints of my fingers, palms & fingers too. My hands feel like they're actually going to explode! As that has never actually happened to any sufferer I know, I trust I'll be okay! I am in absolute agony with my Fibro at the moment!

I really would be interested to know if this is common for other sufferers, if not then I need to check this out with my GP in case something else is going on!

Thanks to all who reply........

Debs <3

10 Replies
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My fingers, toes are swell & noticed sometimes thighs too (muscles most lumpy there). Had to have rings made bigger! X

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Rainbow_Chaser in reply to jellynpain

I'm having the same problem myself! My thumb ring is stuck! It happens a lot so will have to think about removing it completely... x

I don't believe swelling is a symptom of fibro but some other condition.have swelling of lips tongue hands knees calves ankles and feet.calves could be due to Bakers cysts.no idea as to other swelling.

Hello, I get swelling in my elbows, fingers and knees. Like you I initially felt stumped cause there isn't much info about it in relation to fibromyalgia. Having been tested for lots of other things I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is a symptom for me. I would still definitely get it checked out though just to rule out anything else that could be causing it. I hope it calms down soon for you, it's not a nice feeling!

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Hi Rainbow_Chaser

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with inflammation and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. However, Fibro is not an inflammatory condition, and so it may be best to discuss this with your GP or Medical Specialist just to get other issues ruled out of the equation. I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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My gp & rheumy says swelling is not a symptom. They check my bloods for inflammation markers regularly. (Cause I have something else wrong too). So I'd visit my Dr if I was you. Xx

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I can relate to this?drs saying what something is not and no clue as to what things are /could be.

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Hi, my sympathies it's a nightmare my joints are sore and swollen in my hands but it's due to arthritis not my fibromyalgia, I've had a bone taken out of each wrist but to no avail. Every piece of data I've read about fibromyalgia it says " at least it's not arthritis " but what's the crak when you have arthritis as well? I would go and get your hands xrayed at least, and if possible have an ultrasound, good luck.

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Hi, Yes I have swelling with my fibro. However, mine is worst in my feet, legs and abdomen. Dr prescribed water tablets which help to a certain degree but I still have swelling which gets worse as the day goes by. If yours is new best to get checked by your GP.

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Hi to all... just a quick update!

I've been to see my GP & she's not happy that this problem IS my Fibro. I am having bloods done tomorrow to test for all kinds of things but she does think it is inflammatory. My Mum has Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoperosis but when tested 4 years ago for RA it was negative & my Fibromyalgia was diagnosed. My GP says this negative result could have been a positive & there's another test they have to do to check that??!

Either way, she thinks I need a referral but she won't know to who until she gets my results. May be Rheumy or Neurologist. I'd put off going because I get so tired of palavers... Honestly, I could write a book! It was actually quite a funny visit - I went about my hands & hot flashes (at night.. that's another story!! Not sure if it's linked to hand problem or not yet?!) & came out with antibiotics!! haha.. Serves me right for putting it off. I have just had a cold & she asked how I was feeling now (obviously - she's a doctor!). I replied 'well, apart from my burning nasal passages & headache, I've actually recovered quite well'... famous last words!! I hadn't & have a Sinus Infection! At least she's thorough!

I await my blood results...

Debs <3

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