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Calling all Doctors with Fibro.

Not sure if this has been covered before, but here goes, I might be losing it but has anyone with fibro got a cold ? My wife and Son have had a terrible cold for 3 weeks.......I haven't had one for about 6 years..... Which is the.same length of time that I have had fibro..... coincidence ? .....Explanation ? My theory is that fibro is triggered by a virus, which would probably be killed off properly if we were still given antibiotics when we have a heavy cold/flu. I would love to hear your take on this matter. If I am right, then there will probably be an epidemic of people with fibro developing at this time. Could it be that simple ? Any Doctors out there with fibro ? please let me know your thoughts.

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I'm not a dr... and if I read right ?? You feel we should be given antibiotics for a cold/flu?

If so there are so many strains of flu that the antibiotic wouldn't fight it off.. I believe they fight infections not a virus and a cold/flu is a virus not bacteria... now if it goes to chest infection then that is different and they will prescribe for those especially if asthmatic... I know as every winter I get the flu and end up with 3 course of antibiotics and steroids and last winter a and e by ambulance...

So if for colds pointless but if I have misread I apologise now

Healing blessings x

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That is at least what they want us to believe, personally I believe that they could still dish out the antibiotics, but it comes down to money, and that's the real reason why we aren't given them anymore. However what I was looking for was to see if there is a pattern of people with this condition who don't catch colds,or flu.


I think JacquiRo is right but also the main reason they try not to prescribe antibiotics is that the bacteria are all developing resistance from antibiotics from overuse.

Interesting theory re FM developing after a cold but I'm not aware of this being the case for anyone else. However like with ME it can be triggered by a virus so maybe this is what happened to you. But the answer sadly is not antibiotics.


I quite agree with it all comes down to money and are health is animportant However I also have Fibromyalgia and I do not catch cold, or flu.

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Just to quickly say in the last few months I have caught 2 bad colds that then get trapped in my throat. I have a bad one now in fact. However my Fibromyalgia is not as bad since I retired early through FS and I actually do more now than I ever did. I look after my 5 grandchildren, one of them at least once a week, joined an art group, which I'm passionate about, also joined a dog walking group and carry out more housework. I find when I'm distracted from the pain I'm so much better. I still can get floored by new FS symptoms which like to appear from nowhere but I just go with the flow. However, I do get the flu injection each year due to asthma and that seems to have helped some symptoms. Maybe coincidental.

Everyone of us FS sufferers are different though. One of my dog walking group has had FS for 30 years but thought it was only uncontrolled sleeping, that's the only symptom she has!

Take care everyone. X



My daughter is a pharmacy student and she tells me that antibiotics are only used to treat bacterial infections and are not given for colds and flu which are caused by viruses. Antibiotics cannot help or prevent viral infection. I do not seem to have as many colds as I used to, but I did have one about a month ago, which neither my husband or daughter caught.

Fibromyalgia may indeed be triggered by a virus, but antibiotics would not help. I believe it may have many triggers, including stressful event s, genetic background ( inherited) or even environmental factors. The reason you did not catch the cold your family have had, is maybe your body's immune system has already built up an immunity to that particular cold virus, or perhaps you were just lucky enough to "escape" catching it. Thanks for your interesting questions!!


I have the flu jab every year being asthmatic but if my husband gets a cold every so often he passes it on to me, I only ever catch it off him, except last year I said he should get a flu jab so went and paid for it, and would you believe he got a chest infection over Christmas had to have antibiotics and x-ray just after Christmas then \I got it for new year and had to have the same treatment, but I very rarely get one since having flu jab or it could be your theory is correct. Very interesting.

Love & Hugs


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That is what I am like Mack... I am given antibiotics and steroids basically for the whole of Jan and Feb... so I'll that they called an ambulance this year... this has been two years on the trot that the degas given me antibiotics if bacterial infection present and steroids to help.... asthma sucks...

But I will say when I do get a cold chest infection it is always bad now and I feel like I have been run over and ache so much I cry.. skin is so sensitive...

I can see where you were originally coming from... but too many antibiotics wouldn't help fibro.. well I don't think so.

Blessings and healing thoughts x


if only it was that simple.


I have had fibro since childhood and I'm now 64. As a child I was always poorly with colds and sinus infections that carried on into adulthood. I have had countless antibiotics. As I have got older this has all stopped. I can't remember the last time I had a antibiotic, must be 20yrs. I take antihistamines now all the time because I suffer with rhinitis that helps a lot. I still have fibro, when I was diagnosed in 97 told it was severe and I would not get better, and I haven't. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing works. I have also spent a lot of money trying to find something that works. I have just had 2 pretty half decent days and I'm going to have my hair cut for the first time in weeks. We all hope for a cure or something that will make our suffering easier. Gentle hugs everyone xx


I tend not to get colds very often since I got fibro, however I think this is because I tend not to visit places with crowds of people as I don't have the energy, so I am not in contact with others to catch cold from.


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