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has anyone with fibromyalgia had swelling in the collar bone area...not inflammation of fluid but a swelling that come more prominent the more active I am . have a small lump I can feel but was told it is a lymph gland .. both sides although right is more noticeable and have this heavy feeling across chest like someone sitting on it,, short of breath.. feel like I am going mad and don't want to go back to docs again as they not very understanding regarding the fibro.. feeling worried

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Hi Kes so sorry you are worrying about this, well we do don't we. I do't know the answer - I do suffer drom lymphodema but in my legs and it is live able with manaly an annoyance so I hope the swellings you get are similar.

Some one will know so here is a reassuring hugs for you (((())))

Take care



Hi kes2008

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this manner, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to this issue. I must admit that I do not know the answer to your question but if it helps you in some way, I have cyst type lumps that grow on a regular basis on my back right shoulder blade. They do not feel like they are filled with fluid as they are hard, but when the rupture a fluidly type substance emerges and it all disappears leaving a small scar until the next one grows.

I would personally go an see my GP if this is a problem for you despite their reaction to your Fibro, as they do get paid a lot of money for doing their job, and their job is to look after your welfare!

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x


Hi Kes, I have the same problem as you went to gp in Jan as the pain had become more than unbearable and was from my neck into by left shoulder and causing more restriction on my ability to lift my arm, and on the right side have been dealing with an infected cyst since November on top of all my other fibro symptons. My gp advised me it was all related to fibro and OA was not given any more meds and just a lot of shaking of her head and empathetic siys, still left with excruciating pain so my advise is to go to gp, just to have it checked and noted on the system, and see what they offer. soft hugs xx


Thanks all have made appt for Friday .. See what happens next xx


Hi Kes, you really are suffering. I have little nodules all over me, mainly on my arms, but they can appear anywhere. They seem to appear out of the blue and can last for quite a long time. Some are painful - especially the ones on my left elbow - others just disappear of their own accord! :) XXX


Hi Kes,

I'm glad you are going back to your GP - lumps, whether a lymph node or not, should not be ignored. Incidentally there is another condition called myofascial syndrome which can cause little knots in the muscles (anywhere in the body), it's quite common for fibro's to have this alongside their fibromyalgia, though people can get it in isolation. They can be massaged gently (GP or Physio could show you how) and will go in time. However, if anybody has lumps, regardless of what they already have, it is your right to have this checked out - blood tests, scan, Consultant opinion - if only for reassurance. Worry/stress = fibro flare! I have found it necessary to become quite assertive with doctors, as I got very ill with fibro before a diagnosis was finally made, though I am usually pretty placid. So, Kes, please be brave and tell your GP what you would like to happen next! Please let us know how you get on.

God bless and keep you safe,

Omshanti x


Hi I have fibro and a lot of pain in the neck and collar bone Have had both my shoulders operated on for frozen shoulders and have found that there is a group of muscles in the neck called the scalen muscles These go from the 2nd vertebrae in your neck to your first rib They go tight in fibro and cause shoulder, collar bone pain Tennis elbow and what feels like rsi in your wrists They can also stop you breathing properly and can cause something like palpatations in the neck There are some simple exercises to see it this is the problem on you tube Have tried them myself They are Painful but try them slowly Its just gentle stretching Hope this helps


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