Fibro & Thyroid

Went to the doctors today to ask my GP her advice on any links between Thyroid & Fibro.

She was great, very helpful. She agrees that I should try a higher dose of Thyroxine with regular blood tests to monitor. Although she has increased my Gabapentin to 900mg daily, I feel that I have a decent GP who does actually listen and wants to help.

I do feel for those who do struggle and feel like it's a constant battle.

Fingers crossed the medication works, I'll keep posting to let you know.

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  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your medication, and that it works to give you some genuine relief and resolution.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • You are so lucky to have a GP who is willing to listen to you. Every time I mention Thyroid it is like I have sworn badly at him. I even have this response from the Rheumatologist. They dismiss it straight away. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • It took 6 years of pestering my GP to finally get a hypothyroidism diagnosis and a further 7 years to find someone who recognised that my constant fatigue and complaints of aches and pains everywhere was actually FMS. I think there are two problems with GPs today. First of all they don't look at the patient holistically. They listen to the first couple of symptoms and treat them but don't put all the symptoms together to form a relevant diagnosis. And, secondly, you never get to see the same GP twice so there is no doctor/patient rapport and the new GP doesn't have time to keep reading back through your notes, they just look at your symptoms on that one visit. It's impossible as a patient to keep telling the same story over and over again without leaving out things and it's soul-destroying too, because you feel like no-one is listening to you. Gone are the days when we had Family Doctors who brought us into the world, knew the whole family as we grew up and knew when something was a-miss :)

  • I totally agree with you andi-joy. It is a constant battle to build up any rapport with GP/Endo etc. They swap and change, and you feel rushed from the minute that you walk through the door. You forget half of what you want to say, because you feel rushed. Not the same any more and I am loosing faith fast.

  • I know what you mean by not seeing the same one twice. It was like that with me at the start, but when this particular GP diagnosed me with Fibro, I thought I am making sure I see the same one. Our practice is quite large with many doctors, with 10 minute appointment slots, which works really well. I know I'm not an urgent case, but can usually get in either next day or the following. Other practices should take a leaf out of their book.

  • It was a locum that diagnosed my fibro and I've never been able to see her again. The surgery has stopped booking routine appointments in advance and set up a new system where you have to ring at 8am (on the dot) in the hope of getting an appointment - choosing which GP you want to see really narrows down your chances. If all the slots are taken you have to try again the following day unless you are at death's door. I live in a small town and there's only one surgery serving the whole place so there's no choice at all. It's a ridiculous situation.

  • Good god! That's absolutely pants!

  • Been pestering mine for years as there is thyroid problems of both types in family. I'm borderline hypo but she won't start any treatment.

  • I did print off some info from the net showing results between fibro & thyroid treatment as a back up if my GP didn't believe me, but fortunately she was on the ball and happy to help. I had also told her I had been using this group to find more info on it.

  • Hi Flossyjoolz - that's my experience also. I feel my GP was so helpful, kind and supportive of everything in my medical history UNTIL I got Fibro, now she seems a changed person. x

  • My previous GP was the one who diagnosed fibro and she was really helpful and supportive but since she left the surgery last year I havent seen the same GP twice and everyone I have seen just doesnt want to know. They just say "oh its the fibromyalgia". I dont know if its because they dont know what to do or cant be bothered to even try or just because they are so busy they are thinking about the next patient when you have just walked in the room! I even got dismissed by Rheumatology last week with them saying its fibro go back to your GP. Then when you apply for disabled benefits you have to get evidence from professionals who know you. Fat chance of that if you never see the same people twice. Grrrrrrrr sorry for the rant. I had only had a few hours sleep when my dog woke me up this morning and wouldnt let me get back to sleep.Now I am wide awake he is in his bed snoring! Little whatsit! Gentle hugs Joolz.x

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