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I have been diagnosed with Fibro for about seven years and have many of the other effects that Fibro brings with it, but about two weeks ago my legs and ankles became swollen (I work in a shop and on my feet for seven hours).

The doctor has sent me for many tests (chest X-ray today), ecg, and bloods as he said if I was an 88 year old woman it would be heart failure!!!

Does anyone else suffer from swollen legs, feet and ankles as I wondered if this was another 'effect' of Fibro. Xxx

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Hi Wincoupe,

I have noticed as the temperature raises my ankles and feet swell, it can be quite uncomfortable. I have increased my fluid intake, as I was told it to do that by my doctor, but no results. I have also tried elevating my feet in the evenings. They do come down overnight but other than that my Doctor isn't interested and has put it down to my fibro :) I am sorry I can't be of any real help and I shall be watching your replies with interest :)


Hi Wincoupe

I've had this problem with my legs ankles and feet, if I've been overdoing it or it's hot weather, my gp wasn't particularly caring about it either and said 'you're only 41, I'm not prescribing water tablets'

He's a bit of a prat, I see someone else now.

I wear flight socks every day now and that helps enormously, I read it as a tip on one of the fibromyalgia pages. Doesn't help the hands though lol.

You were right to tell your doctor though.

As far as I'm aware it's one of the symptoms of fibro.

Hope this helps a wee bit. X


Hi I suffer from quite bad swelling in the tops of my legs,

They tingle and swell up full of spongy fluid. This is very painful. I have been wearing compression shorts which seems to help a bit. My gp says I need to do some passive exercise like a powerplate to get the lymph moving. I think mine is a combination of two ops for my emdometrosis the latest this March, endometrois, finromyalgia and inability to exercise intenslh due to fibro and bad lymphatic channels.

I did have test many yrs ago and they said I didn't have lymphodema but my lymphatic system dosent work as well as it should.

My legs also go hard as concrete. I get trigger point massage to help with this.

Hope you get some relief soon xxx


Hi wincoupe, yes I do, although it is mainly feet & ankles with me. I've had fibro for about 13yrs, its getting worse as I get older, I'm 68 now. Night time is worse, especially in bed, I have to keep moving them to a cold part of the bed, they ache like toothache, drives me mad, have to get up for painkillers. I find resting my feet up for a while during the day helps with swelling, & a good leg & foot soak & massage works wonders. But of course no good if your working daily, unless you have a wonderful boss!!!.

Hope you find some comfort soon. Xx


Hi my feet and my hands swell all the time and I don't work can't thanks to fibro.hope to hear soon about having a scan on my feet soon . apart from that I'm really stressed my dad's funeral tomorrow wish for tomorrow to never come .take care Alison


Alison, just to say I'm very sorry for your loss, sending my best wishes x


I am so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. Fibro on its own is not an inflammatory illness. However, many Fibro sufferers do have secondary illnesses that accompany their Fibro and this could be the cause of your inflammation?

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi in it's self it's maybe not but fibro effects other things or misplaces them/upsets them etc? which those other things are the controls that would keep you from getting swelling all part of a vicious circle.

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Oh yes, I agree completely, many of the members have other / secondary illnesses such as Arthritis and nerve damage which run concurrently with their Fibro.


Hi i do have m 53 sure you get more when tired/been on feet too long mine are like been beaten with a bamboo cane.

but fibro and things effect other parts of your body which the end product is your ankles as i get breathing problems like asthma but don't have it can wake up wheezy or just comes and goes.

spent night in A&E other day as they thought heart attack as they was painful/swollen and was getting pains in side of left chest(Have been on Tgel HRT) so thought that or blood clot? but Dino Quack said think Fibro!


Hello Wincoupe,

As Ken mentioned Fibro is not an inflammatory condition so therefore should not be causing swelling. It is difficult when GP's /Doctor's ect put every symptom down to Fibro as there is a potential there for something else to be missed.

Could you maybe consider going back to see another GP for his opinion?

Here's a factsheet which may be of interest called 'Knowing your Diagnosis;


Don't forget you can check out our other information about Fibro too if you like!

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


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